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The lack of a download functionality on most major video streaming services can be a huge detriment, but not if you have access to VideoGet. Using VideoGet, you can download videos from nearly any major video streaming service such as YT, DailyMotion, and Vimeo in no time. With the ability to automatically encode videos to nearly any file format that you can think of, you can be assured of getting your videos working across any device that you own. Thanks to a super-intuitive user interface, downloading your favorite videos have never gotten any easier.

User Interface

VideoGet consists of the single interface, where the upper potion lets you add and create video URL lists for download. If you copy the video URL directly from a Web browser to your clipboard, VideoGet automatically includes the video in its download list, which saves a ton of time in the long run — just keep copying videos URLs to your clipboard, and VideoGet automatically creates download lists for you. Once you start downloading, the list automatically shows you the progress of each video, the download source, the current status, etc. The lower portion of the screen lets you specify an output destination, where you can also choose to convert videos to alternate formats by specifying custom resolutions, frame rates, audio and video bit-rates, etc. If you wish, you can hide the output options for a more compact window.

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Supported Video Services

VideoGet fully supports almost any video-streaming website that you can think of. In addition to major streaming services such as YT, DailyMotion, and Vimeo, you also download videos from literally dozens of other websites — even some very obscure streaming services. You can find a full list all streaming services that are currently supported by VideoGet on the VideoGet product page, or you can simply download the VideoGet trial version and check out whether the application supports downloads on your preferred service. Regardless of the streaming service that you use, VideoGet doesn’t require any special action on your part, where you can simply insert the URL or paste it to your clipboard and you are good to go.

Browser Add-Ons

In addition to downloading videos via the VideoGet user interface, the application also automatically installs extensions on Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox that lets you download your favorite videos right while you are watching them. Once you play your videos, you can just click on the “Add to VideoGet” button on the Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer window and the application automatically starts downloading them. You can also configure the application to just add the video to a download list so that you can determine upon the output parameters that you want the downloaded video to be in. VideoGet, however, doesn’t feature support for Microsoft’s latest Edge browser or the extremely popular Google Chrome, though any upcoming future update should provide it.

Output Options

VideoGet features a plethora of output formats that let you have complete control over all aspects of your videos. Primarily, you can select from between numerous output formats that work on nearly any device that you can think of — MP4, M4V, MOV, AVI, WMV, FLV, etc. In addition, the application also features conversion profiles for various devices made by Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, etc., that automatically tweaks available output settings for optimal performance on the selected device. If that doesn’t suit you, you can start to manually work on the various output settings for your selected file format — whether it’s manually adjusting the video resolution for best effect on your device, choosing upon available video encoders to determine video quality, or tweaking the video bit-rate to manage file size, VideoGet lets you do it.

General Options

VideoGet features various other options that let you determine how the application works. You can, for example, decide whether to automatically start downloading files as soon as they are added to the list, or to just keep them till you decide on what to do. The application also features an auto-shutdown option that’s particularly useful when downloading large video files. In addition, you can specify VideoGet to download videos in the highest available quality for best results. Other available options let you decide on the amount of simultaneous downloads that you want, as well as the amount of simultaneous conversions that you want ongoing to preserve system resources.

Should I Buy It?

Thanks to VideoGet, you no longer have to waste bandwidth re-watching your favorites videos on whatever streaming service that you use. With support for hundreds upon hundreds of video streaming services, VideoGet doesn’t leave you out in the cold by only supporting the bigger names in the industry. Not just that, but VideoGet also doubles up as a video converter that gives you complete control to make downloaded videos work on whatever device that you are using — thanks to multiple conversion profiles at your disposal, you can even streamline that. With the plethora of video download and conversion tools available at your disposal, VideoGet makes it worth every penny that you spend.