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Having an antivirus software to protect your computer, is one of the most basic things you must do for your PC.  But is your antivirus truly powerful to counter all threats? That really depends on which antivirus software you are using. Normally, people go with a free antivirus because who doesn’t like free? But even free software comes at a cose, these can be simple pop-up ads or ad-banners prompting you to upgrade to a premium subscription, but yes these are just minor annoynaces.

The real problem when it comes to free vs paid security solutions is that free software lack some features which premium software offer. Besides you cannot beat the dedicated customer support you can get, right? Features and support are a clear win any for me.

VIPRE Advanced Security for Home is one such paid antivirus, which you can rely on. And that is what we are going to be reviewing here. If I had to use two words to describe Vipre Advanced Security, I would choose among simplistic design, user friendly, and reliable security.

VIPRE Advanced Security Coupon Code

Really it is hard to choose, and to be honest, why should we? After all you are getting all three of those in a single software.

Vipre Advanced Security has a light colored theme, which can be switched to one of the following options. First Snow is the default (light background), with Arctic waters and Serenity Rose being the other two. There are three dark themes too, Enchanted Forest, City Nights and Dark Horse. Rarely do we see such theme customizations in an antivirus app, and for that Vipre gets a hat tip from us.

There are three tabs on the top of the main screen in Vipre Advanced Security: MyVIPRE, Account and Manage. You can change the theme from the Manage tab. The main screen in the software is actually the MyVIPRE tab, and it has two options on the right side: Scan and Schedule Scan.

Clicking the Scan button brings three options: Full Scan, Quick Scan and Custom Scan. The full scan in Vipre Advanced Security as the name suggests, analyzes the computer’s hard drive in its entirety. The quick scan only scans the running processes, the windows registry, and important system files, and browser cookies, to ensure that no active threats are running on your computer.

The Custom Scan option allows you to select which areas that Vipre Advanced Security must scan. You can choose to scan any or all of the following options: Running Programs, Windows Registry, Cookies, Rootkits, and Archived & Compressed Files. You can also enable the program to scan any files and folders of your choice.

The Schedule Scan option lets you select a type of scan, and also choose the date and rime when the scan should be run. Both the custom scam and scheduled scan allows you an option to use VIPRE RapidScan Technology, which only scans for files which were changed,

The sidebar in the main screen of VIPRE Advanced Security comprises of three options. Antivirus, Updates and Firewall. The Antivirus section displays when the last scan was run, and when the next scheduled scan is set to run. The Updates section tells you whether the Threat Definitions, are current. The Firewall section displays the status of the module, i.e., whether the firewall is on or off.

The Account tab which we mentioned earlier for switching themes, also displays your subscription status for the program. The Manage tab houses the most important settings of  VIPRE Advanced Security. There are 5 tabs in the sidebar here: Antivirus, Updates, Email, Firewall and Privacy.

VIPRE Advance Security for Home Coupon Code

The Antivirus tab can be used to access the quarantine, which is where the detected malware, viruses, trojans and worms are stored isolated away from the rest of the PC. You can manage the contents, delete the ones you want, or restore any which you know to be safe. It is in this tab you can enable or disable the Advanced Active Protectiom, which scans files when they are accessed (copied or opened).

VIPRE Advanced Security can be used to secure your PC in two ways, with the Most Secure option offering the highest level of, which does so at the cost of using minimal system resources. The Performance option secures your PC optimally and uses less resources.

You can use the web filtering options here to block unsafe websites. You can whitelist good websites from being blocked, and there is a similar option to exclude files from scans. The re are several other options such as catchup scans,  which runs a quick scan, when a scheduled scan finds a threat, and the second layer scan which runs a full scan when the quick scan detects a risk.

The Scan removable drives feature, allows VIPRE Advanced Security to scan USB devices plugged in to it, for malware.

The antivirus history logs can be used for seeing what files were caught by the program.  VIPRE Advanced Security can be configured to wake up the computer from sleep to run scheduled scans,  and to conserve battery power by delaying updates or skipping scheduled scans.

The Updates tab can be used to ensure that VIPRE Advanced Security has the latest program version and threat definitions. The program keeps itself and definitions updated automatically. Vipre does scan for missing Windows Updates and allows you to keep it patched to the latest fixes. ThreatNet Updates can be used to submit samples to VIPRE for analysis, which in turn protects not just you but other Vipre users as well.

The Email tab in VIPRE Advanced Security is an email client plugin, helps keep Microsoft Outlook secure from spam, phishing attacks. The Firewall section in the program lets you manage incoming and outgoing internet traffic rules for all programs. It also helps prevent intrusion attacks from within the same network and those targeting your installed software.

VIPRE Advanced Security’s Privacy section lets you scan your Facebook timeline for malicious content. The secure file eraser tool deletes files leaving no traces of recovery, while the history cleaner deletes your browsing and searching history.

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