Vipre Advanced Security for Home only $27.49

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VIPRE Advanced Security for Home is an excellent choice for your computer’s security for many reasons. The antivirus has been rated highly by many, for its top notch detection rate. It is also quite well known for being a light-weight antivirus, which does not slow your PC down to a crawl.

That doesn’t mean it is a complex program either. The interface is one of the simplest you will ever see, and you can even switch the theme if you want too, something which is rare for an antivirus.

VIPRE Advanced Security for Home is capable of blocking viruses, adware, spyware, and other kinds of malware using its real-time monitor. And the behavioral scanner checks every open process to ensure none of those are executing any malicious scripts or modifying the computer. This allows the antivirus to block even new malware, i.e., zero-day threats with ease. And this includes preventing Ransomware attacks before they start encrypting your files.

If you don’t want the antivirus to scan files, when they are opened or copied, you can disable the Advanced Active Protection. You can alternatively, select between the “Most Secure” and “Performance” modes for the best security or a lighter impact on your PC.

The Firewall in this internet security suite is equally impressive, because you can set custom rules for the network, to block programs from leaking data to servers, and also by blocking hackers. The web filter in the firewall can be set to block malicious websites, and you can customize the blacklist to block specific websites, or for whitelisting websites.

The antivirus can also check for Windows Updates which you may be missing, and any updates for third party software that you have installed on the computer. Using these features is optional, but we think that it is a good way to minimize the risk of security vulnerabilities.

VIPRE Advanced Security for Home scans are very speedy, and complete much faster than the major competitors. Scheduling scans to be run at a set date and time is easy, and customizing the scan can be done with a few clicks.