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Now firmly in the hands of Florida-based company ThreatTrack Security, VIPRE Antivirus has truly turned into a full-fledged application that rivals even the finest malware detection programs in business. Thanks to blazing-fast scan speeds, advanced heuristics, online threat protection, and improved phishing detection capabilities, VIPRE Antivirus brings peace of mind when working both online and offline.

VIPRE Antivirus isn’t just limited to malware protection; whether it’s securing the operating system against zero-day exploits, receiving email notifications whenever threats are detected, scanning your Facebook timeline for malicious links, or deleting items securely to prevent forensic recovery, VIPRE Antivirus lets you do that and a whole lot more.

Getting Started

With blazing fast installation capabilities, VIPRE Antivirus lets you start protecting your computer in no time. An intuitive wizard-based installer automatically downloads the appropriate installation files and latest antivirus definitions, where it then scans for conflicting programs and lets you determine whether to keep or delete such items. Upon completion, the installer even performs a system-wide scan automatically so that VIPRE Antivirus doesn’t have any obstacles left for smooth functionality.

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VIPRE Antivirus’s user interface is quite possible the simplest that you’ll ever find in a malware application, with no unnecessary clutter whatsoever. Three tabs — MyVIPRE, Account, and Manage — lets you perform everything from scanning your computer for threats, checking account information regarding your VIPRE Antivirus subscription, to managing the various live shields and other configuration properties that power VIPRE Antivirus.

Staying Protected

Staying protected with VIPRE Antivirus has never been easier. While you can use the manual scanning options to search every nook and cranny on your computer for malicious items, VIPRE Antivirus also deploys multiple live shields that cross-check active executables against a database of the latest antivirus definitions available. In addition, an advanced heuristics engine scans vulnerable areas of the operating system against new threats that aren’t listed in antivirus databases.

Manuals Scans are simple to perform. With access to three scans modes, namely Full Scan, Quick Scan, and Custom Scan, you can scan your computer however you want — Full Scan for system-wide malware scans, Quick Scan for the most vulnerable areas, and Custom Scan to scan whatever directories that you want. Each time that you scan your computer, subsequent scans are performed much quicker thanks to background file indexing optimization procedures across the board.

Detected items are notified of immediately, either in the form of live pop-up desktop notifications or via email notifications. The application lets you either remove severe threats completely, attempt to repair infected items, or quarantine malicious items that are currently unknown. If you are bothered about having to do everything yourself, you can instruct the application what to do each time automatically — combine this with the Scheduled Scan feature, and you won’t have to worry about malware ever again.

Online Threats

VIPRE Antivirus doesn’t just protect you from threats offline — it in fact features multiple shields that let you stay protected while surfing online. Thanks to live shields such as Search Guard and Edge Protection, you are secured against malicious websites right from the get go, eliminating executable payloads during download instantly. The application also prevents you from visiting known malicious URLs in the first place, though you can bypass this feature if you trust certain flagged websites.

In addition to securing your computer from direct Web-based attacks, VIPRE Antivirus also features unprecedented protection when it comes to websites that phish users. By comparing unknown URLs against legit website address and trademarks, the application notifies you of phishing attempts while blocking known fake websites completely. Thanks to this feature, you can now safely surf the Internet without worrying about divulging sensitive information.

In keeping up with today’s socially interactive environment, VIPRE Antivirus even features an additional module called Social Watch, which allows for unparalleled protection while surfing your Facebook timeline or Twitter feed. By cross-checking links on Facebook and Twitter, VIPRE Antivirus flags URLs known for either phishing users or containing malware so that you don’t click links posted by suspicious users. Setting up Social Watch simply involves signing into your social media accounts securely.

Bonus Features

VIPRE Antivirus includes various bonus features that are completely unrelated to computer protection, but which are still very useful. If you have, for example, sensitive files that you want to permanently delete without worrying about forensic-grade recovery attempts, you can simply instruct the application to overwrite the data for a complete removal procedure. VIPRE Antivirus also features browsing history removal capabilities that prevents anyone finding out your browsing activities.

Should I Buy It?

An installation procedure without unwarranted headaches, blazing fast scanning modes to scan your system however you want, multiple live shields that protect you while online, and a dedicated anti-phishing system are just what you need when looking out for an antivirus utility to secure your computer; fortunately, VIPRE Antivirus has all of these features that make protecting yourself against both online and offline threats a breeze. With unparalleled detection capabilities against online, offline, and zero-day exploits alike, you would be hard-pressed to find a better malware scanner elsewhere. Combining the aforementioned features with a super-intuitive user interface, and multiple bonus features that bring additional convenience, and you have a truly versatile antivirus utility in your hands.