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Ransomware threats have become a bit of a nuisance over the past few years. Not for Vipre Advanced Security for Home users. Can you imagine a PC which has lots of documents, pictures, videos, etc, being infected with a malware which encrypts all the data and locks the user out of the system unless he pays the ransom money? That is exactly what these malware are capable of. VIPRE can block these malware before they can do any of that. How?

By monitoring your PC in real-time of course. The antivirus scans every file which is opened or copied, using the Advanced Active Protection feature, checking the files for malware. If your computer is not too powerful you can switch to the Performance mode, but the default “Most Secure” mode is recommended.

VIPRE impresses with real-time memory usage, using just a few MBs of RAM. And even when scans were running, we were able to use multiple applications in the background with no lags whatsoever.

The interface of the antivirus keeps things simple too, with just two options: Scan Now and Schedule Scan. The former has 3 options: a quick scan to check running processes, a full scan to analyze the entire content on your PC’s hard drive, and a custom scan to scan only the content which you select.

The Schedule Scan option can be set to run any of these scans automatically, at the time and date which you select.

There is a firewall included in VIPRE Advanced Security for Home , which can stop any attack from the internet to keep malware and hackers at bay. And it can also be used to block outgoing connections from applications which you have on the computer. You can set your own rules for every program.

There is a similar filtering system for websites, which you can use to whitelist safe websites, and to blacklist websites which you don’t want to load. This filter also blocks malicious websites to keep your computer safe.

VIPRE Advanced Security for Home also acts as a software updater for your other programs, and a Windows Update checker, to prevent security loopholes on the PC.