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Worried about losing sensitive documents due to malware attacks? Concerned about the security of your computer while online? Troubled about zero-day exploits bypassing the Windows Firewall? If so, then VIPRE Internet Security should put your mind at rest in a heartbeat. With real-time shields securing your computer against all forms of malware, built-in heuristics that detects evens zero-day unknown threats, and a two-way firewall actively monitoring both incoming and outgoing Internet traffic, you would be hard-pressed to find a better solution. VIPRE Internet Security also features various modules such as Social Watch, Search Guard, and Auto Patch that makes for a truly exciting protective environment.

Easy Installation

Most Internet security suites are hard to install due to various conflicting issues with other applications. Fortunately, VIPRE Internet Security packs the VIPRE Easy Install wizard that makes the entire installation procedure a breeze. The installer automatically detects any conflicting programs and lets you determine whether to delete or keep them. In addition, it downloads the latest version of VIPRE Internet Security onto your computer as well as new antivirus definitions so you are protected right from the get go.

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User Interface

Using VIPRE Internet Security is even more easier, thanks to the inclusion of an intuitive user interface that features no clutter whatsoever. Three tabs labeled MyVIPRE, Account, and Manage lets you perform everything that you want. With MyVIPRE, you can run manual and scheduled scans on your computer. Account, on the other hand, features all information about your VIPRE Internet Security subscription, while Manage lets you access the plethora of other features present within.

Real-Time Protection

Upon installation, VIPRE Internet Security runs continuously in the background, where it then deploys multiple live shields that detects any form of malicious executables running on your computer. The live shields actively cross-check all executable against a continuously updated antivirus definitions database so that you are protected at all times. Even unknown zero-day exploits are instantly flagged thanks to the inclusion of the Edge Protection advanced heuristics engine.

Scanning Modes

In addition to the lives shields, VIPRE Internet Security also provides multiple manual scanning methods that ensures nothing malicious slips past. Three modes, labeled Quick Scan, Full Scan, and Custom Scan, lets you either scan the entire system or just specific areas. A built-in task scheduler lets you automate the entire process by scheduling scanning sessions to take place automatically either hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.

Dealing with Threats

Once VIPRE Internet Security detects a threat to your system either via its live shields, heuristics engine, or manual scans, you are notified of immediately via desktop pop-ups — if you are not at your desktop, you can configure the application to send out email notifications. Detected threats can be deleted or quarantined, while infected items can be repaired. VIPRE Internet Security also lets you configure the application on what it should do whenever a threat is detected — delete, repair, or quarantine.

Internet Security

VIPRE Internet Security provides unprecedented protection against Web-based attacks, thanks mainly to the inclusion of a two-way firewall that actively monitors incoming and outgoing Web traffic for malicious signatures. Detected threats are notified of immediately, where you can either choose to block the application completely, or simply allow the Web traffic to flow unhindered in cases of false positives. VIPRE Internet Security also lets you manually determine how applications transmit data via the Internet.

Anti-Phishing Capabilities

VIPRE Internet Security’s online protective features aren’t just limited to a firewall. It in fact features additional security modules — Search Guard, Social Watch, etc. — that let you stay safe even while surfing the Internet. With Search Guard, attacks are blocked instantly by removing malicious data packets while loading websites, making it a must have feature when surfing the Internet. Social Watch, on the other hand, actively blocks phishing links on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, allowing you to stay safe while conducting your social activities online.

Bonus Features

VIPRE Internet Security presents multiple bonus features that add immense value to an already exciting package. With features such as Secure File Eraser and History Cleaner, VIPRE Internet Security lets you maintain your privacy by giving you access to sophisticated data deletion tools. Secure File Eraser lets you erase any file or folder securely — overwriting data with zero-byte files — so as to prevent data recovery even via forensic means. When it comes to preserving you privacy after surfing online, you can make use of the History Cleaner module to remove all browsing history leaving no traces whatsoever.

Should I Buy It?

Ever since ThreatTrack Security — the VIPRE development team — took over the reins of VIPRE Internet Security, the malware scanner has never functioned this perfectly. By including multiple protective features that focus on nearly every aspect of your computer, be it live shields, advanced heuristics, or a completely customizable firewall, VIPRE Internet Security has turned out into a truly versatile application that should be sufficient for any circumstance. Combined with multiple bonus features that focus on deleting items safely and securely to preserve privacy, and you have a malware scanner that you simply cannot do without.