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While nearly all malware scanners boast terrific detection rates, it’s mostly when they have access to the latest antivirus definitions to cross-check with — simply put, you are tough-out-of-luck if faced with an unknown zero-day exploit. ThreatTrack Security, the development team behind VIPRE Internet Security Pro, has included one of the most innovative features rarely seen in an antivirus or Internet security suite — Cloud-Enabled Advanced Active Protection.

Thanks to this feature, you no longer have to rely on antivirus definitions, since VIPRE Internet Security Pro automatically scans a cloud-based database continuously updated by millions of VIPRE users. It doesn’t stop at that; a high performance anti-malware engine, instant behavioral analytical capabilities, and an advanced two-way firewall are just a few of the many features that you get with VIPRE Internet Security Pro.

Unprecedented Malware Protection

With VIPRE Internet Security Pro, you have so many ways to stay protected. Upon installation, the malware scanner deploys multiple live shields that run actively in the background, monitoring your computer for all forms of spyware, adware, and rootkits. Thanks to the very small memory footprint required by VIPRE Internet Security Pro, you don’t have to worry about running out of system resources since you’d hardly feel that you have a malware scanner actively running in the background.

VIPRE Internet Security Pro Coupon Code

If you are worried about malicious items slipping past the real-time live shields, you have three separate scanning modes to take the reigns over — Quick Scan, Full Scan, and Custom Scan, which are pretty much self-explanatory. While initial scans should take a lot longer, subsequent scans can be completed in just a few minutes, thanks to a high-performance anti-malware engine that indexes files and folders for much faster results.

Since both the real-time shields and manual scans make use of the latest malware definitions for faster detection times, VIPRE Internet Security Pro also cross-checks all items against a continuously updated cloud-database of malware signatures, making it an ideal solution against zero-day exploits. Dubbed Cloud-Enabled Advanced Active Protection, this database uses all malware signatures scanned by VIPRE products for insane detection rates.

In addition to the Cloud-Enabled Advanced Active Protection system in place, VIPRE Internet Security Pro features its own proprietary behavioral analysis heuristics engine as a solution against zero-day exploits — ideal for instances when you aren’t connected to the Internet. The heuristics engine performs regular automatic sweeps in critical areas such as the system registry and operating system cache for unusual behavior, instantly flagging malicious items.

Web-based Protection

VIPRE Internet Security Pro uses various techniques to protect your computer against Web-based attacks. The application primarily utilizes a fully customizable firewall — by disabling the native Windows firewall — that automatically monitors incoming and outgoing traffic from all applications installed on your computer, thereby closing a vulnerable security loophole that spyware applications use to transmit information. You can also choose to manually configure how applications connect via the Internet.

When surfing online, VIPRE Internet Security Pro deploys intuitive modules such as Live URL Lookup and Search Guard to protect you from malicious sites. With Live URL Lookup, you now have the opportunity to prevent visiting dangerous websites as soon as you enter a URL, where you are instantly notified of malicious content. Search Guard provides a similar level of functionality in instances where you use search engines as a means to visit websites, with VIPRE Internet Security Pro instantly flagging malicious links.

VIPRE Internet Security Pro also features comprehensive protection against malicious content hidden in emails. With support for multiple clients that use POP3 and SMTP — Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, etc. — as well as web-based clients, you don’t have to worry ever again about any emails containing malware, since the application flags dangerous items and phishing links as soon as they are detected.

Things should also be okay when moving into the social media spectrum. With VIPRE Internet Security Pro’s Social Watch feature, you now have the option to safely navigate your Facebook Timeline and Twitter Feed without inadvertently clicking on unknown links that could potentially contain malware. Setting up Social Watch is relatively simple, which involves securely signing into your social media account of choice right from within VIPRE Internet Security Pro.

Auto-Patching Functionality

Most malicious attacks target vulnerable areas in programs that in most instances are already patched by respective software manufacturers. Since Windows operating systems do a poor job when it comes to keeping your software updated, VIPRE Internet Security Pro instead takes the reigns into its own hands. You now have the additional benefit of having all your programs updated automatically with no involvement on your part while also keeping your computer protected against malware.

Should I Buy It?

If you are looking for comprehensive protection against all forms of malware — both online and offline — then VIPRE Internet Security Pro should easily be the antivirus utility of choice, almost to the extent of overkill. With some of the most sophisticated detection capabilities not yet seen in most other competitive applications, VIPRE Internet Security Pro brings cloud-based protection to the forefront, securing your computer against dangerous zero-day attacks. With multiple live shields, manual scan modes, and advanced heuristics to keep you secured, combined with unparalleled Web-based protective capabilities, and you have a malware scanner that’s simply unparalleled.