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Worried about your smartphone getting infected with spyware, trojans, or rootkits? Concerned about apps gaining access to permissions that are out of bounds? Anxious about losing your photos and contacts due to malware infections or data corruption? If so, then VIPRE Mobile Security should take care of those issues in practically no time. In addition to being a comprehensive antivirus solution for Android phones and tablets, VIPRE Mobile Security features unprecedented support when it comes to controlling app permissions, while also acting as a backup solution to safeguard important files against unforeseen issues. The antivirus app even doubles up as an activity monitor that lets you know in real time when, where, and how your smartphone is being used.

Setting It Up

VIPRE Mobile Security is incredibly easy to set up, with no confusing or complex procedures whatsoever. Once you install VIPRE Mobile Security through the Google Play Store, you are automatically prompted to insert your VIPRE account credentials that you created while purchasing the app. After validating your installation, the app automatically performs an initial scan to determine the integrity of your smartphone, after which you can start using VIPRE Mobile Security the way you want.

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User Interface

Using VIPRE Mobile Security is as simple as installing it. While the app displays your standard scanning and active protection features by default, just tapping the menu icon lets you gain access to a host of other features — Backup, Activity Monitor, Lost Device, and Privacy Explorer. Backup lists your cloud-based backup features, Activity Monitor features remote activity monitoring capabilities, Lost Device lets you locate stolen or lost devices, and Privacy Explorer lets you check installed apps for permissions.

Staying Protected

VIPRE Mobile Security gives you total control over how you want to scan your mobile device for malware. The app features both a Full Scan and Quick Scan mode — with the former, you can scan your entire device for malware, while the latter lets you check installed apps, making it the faster of the two options. VIPRE Mobile Security also features a task scheduler that lets you schedule scans to take place automatically either hourly, daily, or weekly — ideal if you forget to perform manual scans regularly.

Controlling Apps

One of VIPRE Mobile Security’s most useful abilities lie in providing you with the means to monitor and control exactly what areas of your smartphone that installed apps have access to. By separating apps into categories such as Track Location, Access Personal Info, Access Messages, Cost Money, etc., you can actively allow or block apps from accessing these areas in the future. If you are, for example, worried about an app dipping into your Google Wallet without your explicit permission, simply uncheck the app from the Cost Money category and you are golden.


Purchasing VIPRE Mobile Security entitles you to 5GB of cloud-based storage, which you can use to back up your videos, music, photos, and contacts directly to the cloud. If you need an extra backup in addition to Google Drive, then VIPRE Mobile Security’s backup solution is the way to go. By using the Backup side-tab, you can choose to determine exactly what items that you want backed-up. The app also lets you choose whether to use Wi-Fi for large files, or cellular data for all items.

Activity Monitor

VIPRE Mobile Security includes an additional feature called the Activity Monitor that has a ton of uses — track location, check call records, view texting history, etc. If you want to, for example, monitor the activities of your child, simply install VIPRE Mobile Security into his or her smartphone, activate the Activity Monitor feature, determine how frequently you want to receive tracking updates, and you are good to go. Wherever your child goes, or whatever your child does with the smartphone, you are sure to know by checking your VIPRE account on any Web browser of your choice.

Intruder Alert

Since smartphones and tablets are just as vulnerable from real-world threats as they are from virtual threats, VIPRE Mobile Security bundles in enough features to circumvent just that. If you lose your smartphone, you can sign into your VIPRE account through another device and request geo-location information from your smartphone remotely, making it a lot easier to track down. If you suspect that your smartphone is stolen, you can even request a front-camera snapshot, allowing you easily identify the perpetrator.

Should I Buy It?

Due to the widespread use of smartphones and the potential security risks that they carry, VIPRE Mobile Security simply is an app that you cannot do without. With the uncanny ability to search every nook and cranny on your mobile device for malicious items, you can be rest assured that sensitive information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. VIPRE Mobile Security doesn’t just stop at that; app permission controls, cloud-based backup capabilities, real-time activity monitoring, and unparalleled intruder alert features make VIPRE Mobile Security a completely versatile and exciting app for your Android device