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Getting tired of remembering all the passwords for your banking, social media, and email accounts? Worried about someone stealing your passwords and gaining unauthorized access to your accounts? Concerned about passwords not syncing properly across devices? If so, then VIPRE Password Vault should take care of your issues in no time. With the uncanny ability to save passwords for both Web and app-based accounts alike, you only have to remember just one password — the master password — to gain access to the rest of them. VIPRE Password Vault uses some of the strongest encryption algorithms available today to secure your passwords, while companion apps for both Android and iOS lets you access your passwords wherever you are.

Getting Started

VIPRE Password Vault’s intuitive approach to password management is unprecedented. Upon installation, you are asked to set up your VIPRE account, along with a unique master password that only you know — not even VIPRE customer care can help you out in the event that you lose this password, so you should be very careful that you don’t. Each time that you sign in to your computer, you must use the master password to unlock your VIRPE vault. Upon installation, the application walks you through a simple tutorial that you can use to get up to speed on how VIPRE Password Vault functions on your computer, as well as the various ways that you can use to add passwords to your vault.

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User Interface

VIPRE Password Vault separates available features under six side-tabs — Quick Access, Web Accounts, App Accounts, Bookmarks, Identities, and Secure Memos. Under Quick Access, you can check frequently used accounts, bookmarks, and secure memos, while both Web Accounts and App Accounts display passwords sent to your computer via Web or application login portals. Bookmarks, obviously, lets your bookmark sites so that you don’t have to hunt for certain secure websites on multiple devices. With Identities, you can both review and add form data, while Secure Memos lets you store confidential notes. Most of the time, you won’t be using the VIPRE Password Vault interface directly, but rather the system tray menu bar for your needs.

Saving Passwords

Upon installation, VIPRE Password Vault automatically imports any passwords already saved on the three major Web browsers — Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge — while adding extensions that allow you to save any passwords that you may add to your Web browser in the future. Passwords saved through Web browsers are listed under the Web Accounts section in VIPRE Password Vault. If you are worried about not being able to save application-based passwords, you don’t have to — by adding a VIPRE icon to the menu bar on every application login portal, VIPRE Password Vault lets you instantly save passwords to the VIPRE vault.

When it’s time to sign in to your accounts, VIPRE Password Vault automatically fills in the passwords for you in most instances — if it fails to do so, or if you have multiple passwords for a single portal, simply use the VIPRE extension on your Web browser or the VIPRE icon on the login-portal menu bar to manually insert your password.

Creating Identities

In addition to the password storage capabilities featured within VIPRE Password Vault, the application also brings to the table form-filling functionalities. When filling out a Web-based form, for example, VIPRE Password Vault automatically prompts you to save the contents by creating a new identity so that you can use the details to instantly fill out any subsequent forms in the future. Alternately, you can use the VIPRE Password Vault user interface directly to create new identities and fill in the required information. The application lets you save various details — personal, contact, Internet, business, financial, etc. — with dedicated fields available for nearly any additional details that you can think of.

Companion Apps

If you use multiple devices — Windows Phone, Android, or iOS — then you don’t have to worry about manually inserting your passwords on other devices. All you have to do is to install the free VIPRE Password Vault app on your mobile device of choice, sign in with your VIPRE user credentials, insert your VIPRE master password, and you are good to go. In addition to gaining access to all the passwords that you saved on your PC, you can also start saving any passwords that you input into your mobile device right into the VIPRE vault. The application synchronizes added passwords instantly so that you can access them across all your devices as fast as possible. Form filling functionalities are also present on the mobile version of VIPRE Password Vault.

Should I Buy It?

VIPRE Password Vault brings to the table a host of password management features that you simply cannot do without, largely in part to the various login details that you should remember in today’s fast moving world. With the ability to save your passwords safely and securely, you no longer have to waste time trying to get back lost passwords. Thanks to cross-device synchronization, you can start signing in on any other devices that you have with a single VIPRE subscription and gain access to your passwords in an instant. Support for both Web and app-based passwords, combined with form-filling and auto-completion functionalities, make VIPRE Password Vault an awesome password manager to be using.