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VIPRE Advanced Security for Home is perhaps the antivirus with the most user-friendly interface, available today. The GUI is so simple, that you can get familiar with it in just a minute.  You can see when the antivirus last ran a scan on your PC, whether the Threat database is up to date, and whether the firewall protection is enabled at a glance. You can run a manual scan or schedule a scan to run at a time and date which you select from this screen.

The Manage option in VIPRE Advanced Security for Home, allows you to customize the program’s settings to your liking. VIPRE Advanced can defend your computer against ransomware, viruses, trojans,  and all other kinds of malware. The Firewall in the program can protect your PC from incoming network attacks, while also securing the data which your computer’s programs sends to servers. So, if you notice some connection which you don’t recognize, you can manually block the programs from going online.

And unlike the majority of antivirus software, VIPRE can also secure your email client, by preventing malicious links from loading, and also blocks attachments which are infected. The antivirus can keep itself updated automatically, and also patch your other software to the latest versions available, so you won’t be stuck with an insecure or outdated application. Similarly, VIPRE Advanced for Home, also tells you if you are missing any Windows Updates, and offers to keep it up to date.

Another area where VIPRE impresses, is the resource usage of the antivirus. It is almost impossible to notice that the application is running in the background, because it uses that little of the RAM. And the scanning speeds were incredibly fast too, finishing in a few minutes.

You can run custom scans. or use the quick scan option once a week or so, or run a full scan option from time to time. VIPRE is one of the few antiviruses which allows you to change the theme of the GUI.

There is a built-in secure eraser which can delete files completely, so there is no chance of anyone recovering the data.