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Antiviruses which allow a deep level of customization are rare, and VIPRE Advanced Security for Home belongs to that category.  But don’t worry, the application is nor complicated to use at all.

There are very few options on the man page of VIPRE’s interface. You can use the scan now option to choose between a quick scan, full scan or a custom scan.  Or if you don’t have time for running a scan at the moment, you can use the Schedule scan option, and the program will automatically run the scan at the time which you select.

The screen also tells you if the virus database has the current updates, and if the Firewall Protection is on, and also how long it has been since a scan was last run.

The scanner in VIPRE Advanced Security for Home can block ransomware, viruses, malware, rootkits, trojans, in real-time, so your PC does not get infected. The Firewall in the application works 2 ways, so as to block incoming attacks from the internet and your programs from connecting to a server which has malware on it.

To access the customization options, click on the Manage option. The Advanced Active Protection can be enabled to scan files when they are copied or opened. You can even select the level of this protection to choose between the performance mode which uses less resources, or the most secure mode for maximum security.

You can use the whitelist function to prevent good files from being flagged as false positives. Besides this, you can manually configure the web filter in VIPRE Advanced Security for Home, to blacklist malicious websites from loading in the browser, or whitelist clean websites.

You can set the program to skip scans if your laptop is running low on battery, and by delaying updates. These scans will run the next time the computer is on, so they aren’t missed.

An important thing to keep in mind is that, despite all these features VIPRE Advanced for Home is light on resources, so you don’t have to worry about the antivirus slowing down your PC.