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Do you buy a lot of DVDs or Blu-Ray discs? If so, are the discs stored safely? In pristine condition? That is not likely in every user case. What if your DVD no longer works?

And what if the DVD is a rare one? Especially if it is not available for purchase anymore? If the disc gets damaged or lost, or broken, you will lose a classic movie DVD forever. The same can be said about PC games or other console games.

VSO Blindwrite Coupon Code

The point is, if you buy a DVD or Blu-Ray movie, and it gets scratched or broken later, then you will have to buy it again. Why pay for the same disc twice?

Did you know that you can make backup copies of discs which you have bought? That is perfectly legal. You can store the backup copies safely away. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that you are not allowed to distribute copies of the discs. That is great right? Having your own backup of discs, I mean.

How exactly do you do that? It is not exactly a ctrl-C and ctrl-V thing, no it’s not.

But there is something you should know about copying discs. Not every disc can be used as it is, some of them come with software based restrictions called DRM aka Digital rights management.

This technology is a copyright protection for digital media such as software and discs, with the intent being to prevent unauthorized redistribution of the content. Sometimes this also that discs cannot be copied to another disc. That’s a pretty harsh move from the consumer’s point of view, right? That’s what we explained in the various scenarios in which the contents of a disc can be lost forever.

But if your disc is a non-protected one, you can easily back them up, with a solution which is a software called VSO Blindwrite.

VSO’s software are delightfully user friendly, which is why we recommend them here. Anyone can use the software, regardless of your experience with computers. Using this program you can copy games and other non protected CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray disks, with a simple process.

First, let’s fire up the interface, and the image you see above in this review, is what VSO Blindwrite looks like. VSO Blindwrite has a menubar, a sidebar and a small pane on the right side of its GUI, and that’s just about it.

The menubar is actually kind of secondary here, as he Task menu and the contents of the sidebar are the one and the same. The options menu allows you configure the settings of VSO BlindWrite. And if you want to change the appearance of the program, you are in luck. The options menu has a theme section which has a wonderful collection of themes which you can select from.

You can choose the writing speed for discs, as well as set what the program should do after the image copy task has been completed. If you are using a re-writable disc, you can select an erase pattern which should be used by the program.

The options menu also lets you change the default sound notifications of the program. And there are over 30 languages which you can select to use the program (say for example: French, Spanish, German, etc), and the GUI will reflect the selected language.

VSO Blindwrite Coupon Code

Let us look at the main features of the program now. Blindwrite has three tasks listed on the sidebar:

  • Copy
  • Read
  • Write

The copy task option allows you to make a 1:1 copy of a disc to another disc. The destination disk can be a CD, DVD or a Blu-Ray. The source can be one of The content of the copies made by the program are exact duplicates of the original discs, as Blindwrite does not compress the contents, or skip any files.
The best part is that you can use Blindwrite, to copy virtual discs aka images which you have mounted on to your computer’s virtual drive, and create a backup copy of that disc and save it in a disc format ready for burning. All you have to do is select the virtual drive as the source, and select a folder to save it on to, and you should be good to go. Just hit the read button, (or if you are copying a disc, the copy, or write button for writing a disc)

There are a variety of copying profiles to choose from, depending on the kind of disc you are backing up. This includes automatic, audio cd, bad sectors, ISO image, nosplit, nibble.

Blindwrite can save your discs on your hard drive too, and for this you need to select the second option, which is Read. This is basically read disc to file, and this can be useful if you don’t have a disc ready for burning. Or even better you can actually use the saved discs with a virtual dvd drive software. You can save your discs in the following formats CloneCD (.CCD), Iso images (.ISO), Cuesheet/Binary (.CUE/.BIN), Alcohol (.MDS).

Have a virtual disc which you want to save on to a cd? No problem, just use the Write task from the sidebar of VSO Blindwrite, and it should help you with it.

Remember, ISO images can be mounted on Windows 10’s File Explorer, with no software required, which is very useful.

There is a log option on the bottom of the window, which you can use to see what the program has done during the read or write process. It is useful to see how long a particular task took to complete, or whether some error was reported.

Avoid buying the same discs twice, buy them once and take a backup copy which you are entitled to, and save it to your hard drive or a disc with VSO Blindwrite. One click to copy them all, can it get easier than this?

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