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While most computer users watch videos on their PCs, some prefer the big-screen they have, aka a large TV. This of course needs some sort of hardware to play the videos on, such as a Blu-Ray or AVCHD player.

Before that you need to make sure your player can actually play the video. You see the video formats you use on your computer are encoded in ways which are not supported by most video player devices.

VSO ConvertXtoHD Coupon Code

So you need to convert the file in to a format which is recognized by the player, and for this you will need a special software. The market is full of video converter software which claim to do the job, but which one can you really trust? We trust VSO ConvertXtoHD, because it is a feature rich application. Allow us to explain more in this review.

First off, we have to say VSO ConvertXtoHD is very very user friendly in terms of the interface, which outshines its rivals who often have clunky and confusing GUIs.

VSO ConvertXtoHD has a menubar, a toolbar, and two panes, one on the left and one on the right side of the window. Use the file menu or the + icon on the toolbar to start a new video conversion project. To add a video, you can import files from a folder on your computer, a video disc or from an ISO image.

A simpler way to add videos is to use the Windows File Explorer, and drag and drop files to the VSO ConvertXtoHD window. You can also add a video stream to be converted by the program. The file menu can also be used for merging multiple files to a titleset, delete the title, or for converting multiple files at once.

The Edit menu can be used for altering the titleset’s contents like the subtitles, audio, chapter, and the as well as to select the image settings, the output, and also for trimming the video, or merging two or more videos.

The Convert option, is what the program’s main functionality is, for it allows you to convert the video to one supported bt your Blu-ray or AVCHD player. The conversion speed depends on the PC’s capability, i.e., the processing power, and you can manually set the program’s process priority to a higher level. Already have some files converted as a project and ready to burn? You can do that from this menu.

Let us move to the conversion part. The video project you are working on, is displayed on the left pane, with the disc format and menu option you selected, and the name which you have assigned to the project. Selecting the edit menu option lets you edit the disc menu, and this is one of the areas where the program shines. It offers preset themes which you can use for quickly creating a disc, and also options for editing an existing theme. You can also create a new menu theme from scratch too.

The videos which you added to VSO ConvertXtoHD will be listed on the left pane, just below the disc project area. This list will display the name of each video, along with their framerate, resolution, audio track, and the subtitle track which the video has, and also a thumbnail of the video.

The right pane in VSO ConvertXtoHD is a video player, which is available when you select a video from the left pane. You can use this to preview the video, before and after you make changes to it.

VSO ConvertXtoHD Coupon Code

How do you edit videos in the program? See the toolbar on the bottom of the window, just below the video player. It has several icons which can be used for various functions from editing the audio or adding a new sound track or adding subtitles, view the chapters, and for adjusting the parameters such as the brightness, saturation, contrast etc. You can also rotate the picture, or add post-processing effects to the and add a watermark to the video using these controls.

You may want to edit the video to a scaling size which will fit your TV’s display, and the fit editor is perfect for the job. This also allows you to edit the aspect ratio such as 4:3 or 16:9, and also change the video’s resolution size to 720p HD, 1080p Full HD or the like. Adding some padding or cropping the video is a breeze with VSO ConvertXtoHD’s editor.

If you wish to cut a portion of the video, use the trimming tool and select the sections you want to delete. Alternatively if you wish to merge two videos, you can do that too. This is useful if you have a movie or video file, which has 2 parts or more.

Finished with the editor? Then head on to the convert button, and click it. This is the best part. You don’t have to select a single thing, the program will convert the video directly to a format which is supported by your Blu-ray or AVCHD player.

There are no complicated selection processes involved to create a disk. That is what we call user friendliness. You ca view the conversion progress on the bar in the GUI, and also on the bottom of the window/

You can save the converted video to a disk, or burn multiple copies of the same, make copies of Blu-ray disks, or even save the created file as a BDMV and AVCHD ISO. Don’t have a Blu-ray burner at the ready? No worries, you can store the converted files to a USB device, or simply save it to your PC.

A clean interface, easy to understand options, customizable menus, the built-in video/audio editor, an excellent video converter, and the really simple disk creation method makes using the program a real joy.

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