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How often do you download streaming videos and audio? Everyday, yes most people do, whether it is a cool trailer, or a how to, or a neat trick, and of course a cute cat or puppy video.

Those are fun to share, make us smile and in other words entertain us. Sometimes you may want to download videos which you paid for, subscribing using a premium fee, and the same goes for audio. But if you wish to watch the same thing again, you have to connect online, and stream it agan, wasting both time and bandwidth.

VSO Downloader Ultimate Coupon Code

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just download it once and watch the video as many times as you want to? That is just why you should can with VSO Downloader Ultimate.

Surely such a program must be complicated to use? No, it is actually the complete opposite of it. Let us explain to you just how it works, and its many features in this review.

VSO Downloader has a very minimalistic GUI, which resembles a web browser. There is a menu bar on the top of the window. The file menu can be used for opening the output fulder, i.e, the directory where the downloaded files are saved. It can also be used for viewing the download history.

So, how to download a video or audio using VSO Downloader Ultimate?

It is very simple. Just open the program, and leave it running in the background. Now open your web browser, and surf normally, and when you come to a webpage which has streaming video or audio content. You actually don’t have to click anything. VSO Downloader Ultimate will automatically download the video or music which is streaming, on its own. You can even preview the video as it is downloadig. The application downloads the highest resolution of the video which is available, even if it is Full HD or 4k.

Similarly it can download any streaming audio, be it music, podcasts, web radios,. You can use it for downloading video files to MP3 content, and use the audio normalization option for uniform quality. Files which the program detects have their original filename, but you can rename them manually too. VSO Downloader Ultimate supports pausing of ongoing downloads, and resuming of unfinished downloads. It even detects live streaming video content too.

How amazing is that? There is no browser extension or add-on in VSO Downloader Ultimate. Instead it uses a network driver to check for streaming content, and downloads it automatically. You don’t have to copy or paste a URL or anything. This is actually quite brilliant, and a huge time saver.

If you want to disable the automatic downloading, go to Options menu, and click on the General tab, select Detection, Download Settings and uncheck the option which says “Download automatically detected media”. VSO Downloader Ultimate has a built in download accelerator which speeds up the download speed to maximize your internet’s speed. You can still download video and audio using the program, by copying and pasting the URL in to the program, by using the download button on the toolbar, or the detection menu,

VSO Downloader Ultimate detects and blocks ads on its own, and has a filter list which you can customize, for file types and websites, which you want to blacklist, and the program will ignore ads from these sites. The application is fully compatible with all ad blockers and VPN services.

VSO Downloader Ultimate Coupon Code

Some people may not like the streaming monitoring, and wish to disable the monitoring for their own privacy. And yes you can do that too, by just clicking on the green circle on the top right corner (looks like a radar),and it will stop moving to indicate Streaming Monitoring is disabled. To enable it, click on it again.

VSO Downloader Ultimate will display pop-up bubbles (also called notifications), in Windows 10’s Action Center, to notify you when it is downloading a video, and likewise when a download is completed. This is useful as you can continue browsing without waiting for a download to complete.

Right-click on a downloaded video in the program to play it, or click the play button on the download bar, and the video will be played using the VSO Media Player. This will be downloaded, if not already installed.

Unlike many rival download managers, VSO Downloader Ultimate offers full support for the latest browser in Windows 10, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. Tehe program can handle HTTPS/SSL protocols too.

VSO Downloader is available in a completely free version, with limited features. It can still be used for downloading videos, and music. But, in addition to all the above features, VSO Downloader Ultimate can download from websites which used HTTPS, HDS, RTMP, Shoutcast protocols. Not onlt that, it can also convert downloaded videos and music in to many audio and video formats such as AVI, Xvid, MP4, MP3. You are also eligible for priority support from the company.

To convert a downloaded video or audio file, you have to click on the double arrow drop down menu, and select a conversion profile which you want. Video conversion formats supported by the program include, AVI, MP4 (MPEG 4,Xvid, H264), 3GP, and other formats. Audio formats which are available for conversion are MP3, FLAC, and MP4.

VSO Downloader Ultimate works on all versions of Windows, from XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. It can be used on both 32-bit and 64-bit computers.

Whether you are new to computers, or a pro, VSO Downloader Ultimate can cater to either kind of users. Simple to use, and efficient functionality when it comes to downloading videos, is what makes the program a must have. If you want to watch videos without waiting for them to buffer, and when you are offline, this is the software to use.

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