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Why do people convert videos? There are two reasons for this. The first is obviously to ensure that the videos are playable on smartphones, tablets and other devices. That’s because mobile phones and other smart devices do not have the ability to play such disc video formats (usually in VOB), even if you copy them to your device’s storage.

VSO DVD Converter Coupon Code

The second reason is more useful, in that, you want to convert videos to a resolution which is similar to your device’s display for example HD 1280 x 720 pixels aka 720p, or Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels, or simply called as 1080p. By converting a large DVD video, you also have the advantage of reducing the file size considerably, so you can save more of these videos on your hard drive or memory card.

Which software do you use for converting DVD videos? VSO DVD Converter is an excellent chocice, and here is why.

The interface of VSO DVD Converter is simplistic, yet elegant. You don’t have fancy shining GUI elements to confuse you, instead there is a light theme user friendly toolbar and menubar, which gets the job done.

The Files menu option can be used to load a DVD video file from a folder, or a disc, or from an ISO image which you have saved on to your computer’s or external hard drive. Alternatively you can simply use Windows File Explorer to browse to the folder where the video file or ISO is saved, and just drag and drop the video to the VSO DVD Converter window, and the program will load the files and queue them up for conversion.

This queue will list each of the videos in the disc or folder, and displays the name of each video, its resolution, its file size, frame rate, and the duration of the video. Clicking on the musical note symbol below the video, can be clicked on to select an audio track, or add an external audio track to it. It also lets you de-select a video’s audio track.

Click on the second text link (usually add), to add a subtitle to your video. Right clicking the video will bring up options for renaming the file, merging the video, selecting audio and subtitle tracks. You can also do this by using the second and third buttons on the menubar.

The right-click context menu can also be used for rotating the video, enhancing the image by sharpening it, adding blur effects, adjusting the contrast, etc. This menu also allows you add a watermark to your video, or to change the aspect ratio of the video tp letterbox, auto, stretch or pan-scan.

If you want more advanced editing options, you can click the Advanced Edit button, to bring the video editor window up. This window is divided into 3 sections. The right side has a player pane which can be used to preview the video which you are editing.

The sidebar on the left side has 5 tabs. The first one is for adjusting the video fit, and aspect ratio, the second option is for editing the audio properties such as normalizing the volume, selecting the audio track. It even has a language identifier tool. Moving on to the third tab in the sidebar, this is the video cutter, which lists the portions you have edited out. This is handy for making corrections, as it displays the time duration of each cut sections.

The chapters tab lets you view each chapter of a DVD video, which can be used for selecting only the specific chapters which has parts of the video you wish to edit. The fourth tab here, is the quality advisory, which predicts the estimated file size of a video, based on its bit rate, so you can adjust it based on the size you want the video to be in.

VSO DVD Converter Coupon Code

The preview pane of the video editor has playback controls, a volume bar, a loop option to repeat the video, and a very useful before and after comparison of the video. You can assign the programs’ priority to quality if you want the best quality video, or set it to speed if you want the video comversion to be completed quickly.

The timeline bar on the bottom of the video editor window, can be used for editing the video frame by frame, and has quick shortcuts for adding sound tracks and subtitles. The zoom bar at the very bottom, can be used to view the timeline in a more expanded manner. All done with the editor? Let’s look at how you can convert the video.

The bottom right corner of VSO DVD Converter’s main screen has a start button which can be used to initiate the conversion process, and the drop down menu above it is where you can select the file format you want the converted video to be saved in.

If you know which format to conver tt the video to, seimply select it from the available options. If you are not familiar with video formats, don’t worry. There are multiple presets which allow you to select a format which is compatible with popular device models such as the Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android devices,etc.

Supported video output formats include AVI, m2ts, mts, mkv, webM, m2v, mpeg, mpg, ts, vob, 3gp, m4a and mp4.

VSO DVD Converter can save audio in several formats such as AC-3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, MP3, MP4, Mpeg2 audio, Multi-channel AC-3, DTS, Flac, and Stereo.

VSO DVD Converter’s compression rate is simply amazing, and you can reduce the size of a video from nearly 1.5GB to just 100MB or so, depending on the file format you chose to convert it into. It does not matter whether you are a pro or a novice, let the program do its job for you.

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