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Photos are often the most difficult kind of media, to protect from being stolen. For example, some users download images from the internet and share it as their own. When you do this on personal Instant Messaging apps, or Facebook, or something, it is not a big deal, because such shared photos are often never seen again. And the person who shared it does not gain any monetary advantage, or fame, for doing so. 

But, this becomes a serious problem, when monetization is involved. For example: Blogs, YouTube, Twitch, and other commercial Websites, where the user will earn money, through the photos which they stole from you.  

And then there is the problem of unethical theft, which sadly, is quite common nowadays. Even big websites often do not credit the original owner or website which shared some photo. Instead, they post the photo on their website as their own, which is unethical, and may also harm the original website’s rankings. 

All this, can be avoided with a simple fix, a watermark. A logo or a text, or a website’s address on the photo, is enough to let people know who the picture belongs to. You can do this, and more with the help of Watermark Software. 

Here’s what the program can do. 

Watermark Software is user-friendly, and incredibly so. You can tell that, simply by looking at the user interface of the program. 

There are two large buttons on the main screen: Add Images and Add Folder. Select either option, and then click on a set of photos, or a directory which contains the images, which you want to watermark. The next screen has an interface of a photo editor, and that is exactly what it is. The editor screen of Watermark Software, has a tab bar  which has 7 tabs, including the home tab which takes you to the photo library screen, i.e., the collection of photos which you have imported to Watermark Software, for editing. 

You can use the home tab to view the thumbnail previews of the photos, or the full-resolution preview by double-clicking on the picture. You can add more photos, folders, or remove photos from the home tab. 

Before we go on to the other tabs, let us explain some common elements in all of those. There is a small toolbar below the tab-bar, a side-panel on the right edge, a large pane on the left edge, and a thumbnail bar on the bottom of the WaterMark Software window. 

The toolbar has a zoom slider which you can adjust, to change the view size, a 1:1/fit to screen aspect ratio toggle, and some other options. The undo button lets you reverse the previous change, while the rebuild option can be used to completely undo the changes. The rotate button can be use to change the orientation of the picture, while the crop option lets you resize the resolution of the photo. 

The EXIF option displays the metadata information of the photo including the copyright data, and the image’s resolution, bit depth, frames, format, DPI, date and time the picture was taken, and the camera information such as the make, model, ISO speed, Exposure, etc. The large pane on the screen, is where you see the preview of the photo, which you have selected. The thumbnail bar, is where you can see the thumbnail previews, and select the photo which you want to edit. The right side-panel is the watermark pane, and the options here change according to the tab which you have selected in Watermark Software. 

Speaking of which, let’s go to the tabs. The Text tab’s side-panel can be used to add a text-nased watermark, to your photo. You can type the text which you want to watermark the picture with, on the create section of the sidebar. 

The Text Effects panel allows you to select one of the many style effects for the text, while the add symbol and information panel can be used for adding a Copyright ©, Registered ®, or Trademark ™ symbol or the file info (name, date, time, resolution and file size). Of course, you can customize the font style, size, color, opacity, format the text content, etc, simply by double-clicking on the watermark. You can rotate the watermark from 0 to 360 degrees.  

Watermark Software Coupon Code

The Image tab similarly allows you to add a picture or logo from one of the ton of available options in the program. You can of course add your own custom watermark using the create section of the panel. 

The Effects tab has a lot of filters using which you can use, to add various effects to your photo. The list of filters is quite extensive, and ranges from inverting, grayscale, pixels, black and white, hand painted, white balance, sketch, mosaic, etc. The Frame tab in Watermark Software, can be used to add a photo frane to your picture. It includes various shapes, colors, textures, and literally a huge selection to choose from, to give your images, a really cool look. 

The Resize tab can be used to change the resolution size of the photo, in either in terms of pixels or percentage. You can reset the image to the original size with a click of the mouse. The Rename tab in the program, allows you to rename all of the imported files at a go, i.e., in batch mode, using presets like a letter or a number range. 

The following image formats can be imported to Watermark Software: BMP, JPG, JPEG, JP2, GIF, TGA, PNG, TIF, TIFF, PSD, PCX, ICO, CUR, PXM, WBMP, CRW, RAW, GIF, WBMP, etc.

You can save the photos which you have edited or watermarked, in to the following image formats: JPG, GIF, TGA, PNG, TIF, PCX, ICO, GIF, BMP, etc.  

Download the free version of Watermark Software, and try the features before you buy the premium version. 

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