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Do you plan on buying an antivirus for your PC or Mac, and for your mobile device? Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete might just be what you need.

This bundle allows you to use the software on 3 devices, so it can be used on your computer, smart phone and your tablet. The iOS and Android apps are great because they can block websites which have been infected by malware.

You can also use the apps to trace where you lost device is located. The Android app goes one step further and can even block malware from being installed on your device.

The true champion however is the Windows and Mac Webroot application, which is capable of detecting and preventing even the most deadly malware (including ransomware), viruses, etc, to keep your system safe as it should be.

The antivirus in Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete, is the fastest that we have ever come across, in terms of scanning speed. While other antivirus programs, take several dozen minutes to complete a scan, Webroot finishes scanning in just a minute.

The application also managed to win us over, with its almost non-existent resource usage, allowing us to play games, or run multiple programs in the background.

If you are away from your devices, and wish to see their current security status, you can do so remotely, right from a web browser. You just have to login to your SecureAnywhere online dashboard, and you will be able to check your antivirus settings, and even manage them all from the same place.

There is a firewall included in Webroot SecureAnywhere, which can block all malicious websites, to prevent attacks. If any program is stealthily connecting to strange servers, you can use the network monitor to confirm that, and block said programs from going online. The webcam shield in Webroot prevents malware from accessing your camera without your knowledge.

Forgetting passwords is a common issue among internet users, but it is not an issue because a password manager is included in Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete. And the Identity Shield blocks phishing websites from stealing your social account logins, credit card information, etc, and also blocks malicious websites.