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WebSite Auditor Professional Coupon Code

Your website may have great content, and it may be well designed. And yet you do not get as much search traffic as websites which are similar, or in some cases with a worse design. Have you ever wondered why?

The simple answer is search engine optimization, aka SEO. Every good website needs to be SEO friendly. Other wise there is little hope for organics traffic from search results. Many, if not all websites depend on search engines for their daily traffic. Search engines use virtual tools called robots or bots, to visit websites and list the pages on its search results.

This process is called crawling, and the bot is called a spider, because the internet is the world wide web. Puns aside, these bots are essentially the very heart of your website’s ranking with the search engines.

So, why is your website not getting ranked lower in the results, say for example, placed in the 3rd or 4th page of the results or much lower? This is definitely not going to be good for your website. Now, how does one fix such a tricky issue.

You could say we need to view this from a different angle, perhaps from the spider’s perspective? That is what you need WebSite Auditor Professional for, because it sees your website like search engines do.

Let’s see the program’s features then, shall we? The interface of WebSite Auditot Professional is similar to the other products from the company, both in terms of design and user friendliness.

Enter the URL of the website you wish to Audit, and select the next button and wait for the analyzing to be completed. The next screen, which is the main one in WebSite Auditor Professional, comprises of a sidebar on the left edge, and a large pane on the right of it. These 4 tabs are the options available in the sidebar:

  • Site Structure
  • Content Analysis
  • Domain Strength
  • Reports

Search engine bots analyze scan your website and its contents such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, images, videos, etc, before ranking your website. WebSite Auditor Professional can do the same, and it also has a bonus. You can set the program to crawl your website like one of the search engine bots itself, for e.g: Google or Yahoo or Bing, and it will follow the robots.txt rules.

So the exclusion protocol, which you have customized to tell the bot to skip parts of the website, which you don’t want to be crawled, i.e., scanned for being displayed in the search results.

The first tab has three sub-sections: Site Audit, Pages and All Resources. The Site Audit proves that WebSite Auditor lives up to its name, in that it can check your websites for SEO related problems, and list the issues out for you to fix. This includes not just duplicate content, but also broken links, images, internal links, non-mobile friendly pages, heavy (slow) pages, scripts, W3C validation errors, thin content, and more serious issues like redirect chains which annoy users a lot.

And this is where the program shows how user friendly it is. It guides you by offering detailed step by step instruction, to fix every issue.

The Pages tab lists all the pages on your website, including their status, links to page, word count, tags, etc, and you can also use it to check how many links are available to and from this page, images, etc.

All Resources lists the total number of resources both internal and external, and information about their status, robot instructions, size, last modified date, and content type.

The Content Analysis tab can be used for generating an XML sitemap, or a robots.txt file, with a single click of the mouse. This will boost your site’s indexation. If you already have these setup, you can use the software to review and edit them directly from its GUI, save the changes and upload it to your FTP server. Creating a disallow rule for content you want to hide from bots is simple, thanks to this tab.

Page Audit generates on-page SEO reports which includes calculation of optimization rates for a keyword or a page. This is then compared to those from your top ranking rivals, and you can use this data to see how you cat beat them at their game. It can also be used to eliminate any page loading problems, which may be hampering your website’s rankings.

When it comes to keywords, you have to be very specific, as they are what bring the visitor from a search engine to your website.

So, it is no surprise that the software shines in the way it analyzes the keywords on your pages. It will check for the ideal keyword density, and tell you just how many times the keyword should appear on page, so you can drive more traffic to the page. And even if you are not using the optimal keywords, WebSite Auditor will offer suggestions which you can benefit from.

WebSite Auditor supports 750 search engines, which includes top players such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, and it also offers optimization suggestions which can significantly improve your website’s SEO ranking. Domain Strength lists important ranking factors for your website, such as its Alexa rank, Dlomain Inrank, and also information about how many backlinks are available, and how popular your website is on social media websites.

WebSite Auditor Professional Coupon Code

Finally, WebSite Auditor Professional can generate reports which can be saved, and you can also configure the program to automatically send reports to your email inbox in a customized HTML format, or via an attachment or a direct link or in plain text format, depending on your requirement.

Whether you are new to SEO or an expert consultant, WebSite Auditor Professional can be of great use to all users.

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