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We browse dozens of websites everyday. This may your email service provider, or a search engine service, social networks, video sharing or music streaming website. Of course, many of us do browse online stores, to shop for electronics, and other physical products.

Most of these websites are owned by large companies, who spend thousands of dollars, simply on creating the website, and maintaining it’s appearance. Naturally, with the best web designers at their disposal

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One of my dreams is to own a online store. Maybe I will some day, and partner with software developers and game publishers and sell their creations at affordable prices. But how do I create this? I am not talking about the payment platform which the website will support, but the actual look of the website itself. Above all else, it should look professional. You don’t want your website’s visitors to squint their eyes because of the flashy colours, or cringe in disgust because the webpage is clunky and outdated.

So, you see, creating a website will be hugely complicated, and will require a lot of backend work. I will admit, I’m not a programmer, and my knowledge of coding is limited to HTML, and a little bit of C# and Python. But these are not used in today’s websites.

Then there is the added problem of the website being mobile-friendly. Search engines rank webpages depending on their mobile-friendliness, when it comes to the layout. So the website needs to have a mobile UI, which scales down to the display of the phone, that the visitor is using to access it.

So, is approaching a web designer, who will charge you an enormous sum, the only solution? Absolutely not. You can create the website yourself, at the comfort of your own computer, with no programming skills at all. Is this even possible? The answer is yes, using Incomedia’s Website X5 Evolution.

It is a professional website builder, which you can use for creating any website you want, be it a blog where you can publish articles, or online stores.

Website X5 Evolution has a beautiful interface, with a dark theme and light colored icons, making it easy on the eyes. The design is very user friendly, so a glance tells you what function is where.

Let’s say you are creating a new website, hit Start and you will be greeted by a screen as seen above. Name your project and hit next, to start your website. The first thing to do is to fill up the information related to your website, and this includes the title, author name, the URL, language etc. You can choose an icon for your website (popularly called favicon), an image, the description and the category of your website.

Next we need to select what kind of content your website will have. You can pick from a variety of options from the Advanced Settings, which lets you add a blog. Using this section, you can add a title and description for the blog. The lower half of the screen is where you will manage your posts (aka articles). Use the options on the right to add/remove a post. This will bring up a post editor. It has a basic mode and an optional expert mode. You can use it for adding a title, a publication date, the author name, the post category, tag using the first set of options.

The large text section is where the post’s content will be written in, and can also be used for adding images. To do use the toolbar above it, which also contains the formatting options. Hit the ok button to save the article.

Now, the obvious thing you will want to do, is to preview the changes you make, and for this Website X5 Evolution, has a Preview button in the top right corner. Hit it to see a live preview of the website you are creating, even before you publish it.


The Layout tab lets you tweak the appearnce of the website. Sometimes you will want the reader to visit one page at a time, to reduce server load, and improve the loading speed, you can use the post view mode to set how posts appear, and how many posts you want to appear on a single page.

Most readers tend to share the articles they like, on social networks. And the easiest way to let them do so, is by adding a social share button. To do this simple use the “AddThis” button option, and all you need to do is link it to your AddThis account, and it will add a social share bar to your website.

Want to add a sidebar to your blog, you can do that with ease, thanks the side-block section, which lets you add or remove. this can be used for adding various links, and also to display ads.

The comments tab lets you enable/disable comments for your blog, and you can set the way to allow your readers to post their comments.

You can use the Blog or the RSS feed options to create a feed for your blog, which is handy if you publish articles regularly, and want to let your readers know about it, without sending them emails.

You can use the Advanced Settings tab to add a shopping cart, manage the website’s statistics, seo and code, add a privacy policy for your website, select an entry page (before the homepage is loaded), display an advertising message, manage databases which you have saved, and add or remove users and set their level of access based on the group they belong to (for e.g: admins, guests).

Hit the Template tab on the sidebar, to select one of many built-in templates for your website. This chanage can also be previewed using the thumbnail window on the right. You can also add custom libraries for templates, or even build a custom template from scratch. You can use the customisation tab to set the resolutions and responsive design of your website. This is every important, as it scales down the website to fit different screen sizes, resolutions, and orientations (desktop, tablet, phone and landscape or portrait mode)

The Map tab lets you manage your website’s sitemap, listing all of its sub-pages, etc, so you can manage them from a unified interface. The Pages tab lets you manage the contents which will be displayed on various pages, and you can drag and drop the items from the right side to the interface on the left, to add them to the page. For eg: the YouTube button, the Tweet button, etc.

Finally, the export tab can be used to publish your website to the internet. You can also save a copy of the site to your local disk, including on a CD/DVD, or a folder on your computer’s hard drive. Imagine that, you can completely create your website offline, and launch it in full working condition easily.

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