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For over a decade, Incomedia’s Website X5 product series has been a staple of Web designing. With the Professional version, Website X5 goes above and beyond the call of duty by giving you access to premium templates, multimedia content modules, e-commerce solutions, and much more. Website X5 Professional makes short work when it comes to optimizing Web pages for search engines, cataloguing products for sale online, or configuring Web content to work on mobile devices.

In a Nutshell

Website X5 Professional doesn’t require any kind of HTML expertise on your side — though you can choose to work with HTML code directly if you are proficient at it – where the application streamlines all aspects of Web designing from start to finish. You can just select a template, create a sitemap, add content to your Web pages, tweak your website with advanced features — SEO optimization, access management, e-commerce integration, etc. — and publish your website. The application also features a built-in preview window that allows you to instantaneously check out any additions or changes that you make to the website at any point during the design process.

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Website X5 Professional in Use

At the start of your project, you get to decide on the template that you want to use. Website X5 Professional gives you access to nearly 1,000 highly customizable graphic templates that you can use absolutely free of charge, where available templates are listed by theme — computers, health, education, etc. You can also import templates from outside the application, or choose to build your own templates from scratch using Website X5 Professional’s built-in template customization tools.

Since most people use mobile devices to access websites nowadays, designing Web pages to work on just desktops doesn’t cut it anymore. Website X5 Professional gives you the ability to create responsive templates, where you can have your Web pages adapt to smartphones and tablets by defining breakpoints at varying resolutions. Search engines such as Google and Bing encourage Web masters to build responsive websites, so configuring your website to support mobile devices can help boost search engine rankings.

A professional-looking website requires a carefully structured sitemap so that visitors can access content without any issues. With Website X5 Professional, you can add different levels, insert new Web pages, tweak page properties, and make use of separators to lay out the framework for your website. Clearly structured websites receive high-rankings since search engines have an easier time indexing Web pages. If you are an expert user, you can also add custom code to better optimize Web pages for search engines.

After creating the layout for your website, you can proceed by adding content to your Web pages. In addition to inserting text, Website X5 Professional lets you easily drag and drop numerous content modules such as images, galleries, videos, widgets, and social media plugins. The application also lets you add dynamic content modules so that you can, for example, delegate other users to update content when you are not available. Website X5 Professional also gives you the option to check added content modules for responsiveness across devices and adjust active breakpoints accordingly.

Statistics, Security, and Protection

Website X5 Professional gives you the option to integrate Google Analytics into your website, where you can get up-to-date information about the search pattern of people that visit your website. The application also gives you complete control over Google Analytics’ IP address anonymization feature if are interested in preserving user privacy or complying with data protection policies. When it comes to security and protection, you have the ability to generate trust among visitors by notifying them about your website’s security and cookie policy. In addition, you can use Captcha as protection against spam-bots, and enable HTML code protection to prevent visitors from stealing code and images.

Staying Up-To-Date

The web-designing application gives you access to several tools that you can use to keep visitors up-to-date about your website. Website X5 Professional allows you to create a blog that runs in conjunction to your website — with automatic integration into the sitemap — where you can directly post updates, or integrate RSS feeds so that visitors can receive updates directly on their news aggregator readers. Mobile visitors can make use of Website X5 Professional’s FeedReady App for both iOS and Android devices, where they can just download it off your website and receive notifications whenever you perform any updates.

E-Commerce Solutions

Website X5 Professional provides an unprecedented level of support when selling products on your website. You can create product catalogues, defines payment methods, check stock levels, add shopping carts, manage discounts, display special offers, etc. To provide a safe environment when making purchases, Website X5 Professional allows you to let customers sign in securely to your website where they can place orders, submit support tickets, send emails, etc.

Publishing Websites

Before publishing, you can make use of the Project Analysis feature — unique to the Professional version — to check your website for errors while automatically tweaking certain aspects to better suit search engines. Once you are done, you can publish your website with Website X5 Professional’s built-in FTP engine, where you can insert your domain’s FTP details and transmit information to your hosting account. Website X5 Professional doesn’t just leave you alone after publishing your website — with the Premium Online Control Panel, you can moderate comments, update dynamic content modules, handle user registrations, etc.

Should I Get It?

When it comes to serious website designing, Website X5 Professional provides an unprecedented level of support for creating high-quality blogs, websites, and online stores. Its huge assortment of premium features, e-commerce options, and analysis tools, complete with support for static and dynamic content modules, make Website X5 Professional one of the best web-designing applications currently available. The application’s ultra-intuitive user interface and complete irrelevance of HTML coding knowledge on the user-side make it ideal for novice Web designers, while advanced users can also benefit from the numerous advanced premium features included within.