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We install various applications on out computers over the course of time. This could be anything from games, system cleaners, antivirus software, and more.

Now, there are times, when some of these programs make changes to the Windows Operating System. It is not actually easy to find what changes were made, at least not for all users. Let’s take for example, start up, the time it takes to boot the computer to Windows.

WinPatrol PLUS Coupon Code

This could be seriously impacted, if the number of start up items, i.e., services, applications, etc, are a lot. You need to keep this to a minimum, to make your computer boot quickly, as it was when you first bought it.

Likewise, minor changes such as these, could seriously hamper the performance of the computer, or worse compromise the security of the system. Now, that you understand the importance of the situation, let’s tell you how these issues can be fixed.

We recommend using a real-time system monitor, such as WinPatrol PLUS. Let’s see why it is the best one for you.

We have been using WinPatrol PLUS for many years now, and let’s introduce you to your best friend, Scotty. See the little dog on the system tray, that’s him, WinPatrol’s guard dog. He’s always on the prowl, and if he finds some change to your system, he lets you know with an audible woof, accompanied by a pop-up notification. This lets you block the change, or accept it. More importantly, it tells you exactly what the change was.

Before that, let’s take a look at the GUI of WinPatrol PLUS. The interface is simplistic, and consists of a lot of tabs. To be precise, these are the available options: Startup Programs, Delayed Start, IE Helpers, Scheduled Tasks, Services, Active Tasks, Cookies, File Types, Hidden Files, File Size Monitor, Recent, ActiveX, Registry Monitoring, PLUS and Options.

The Startup Programs screen lets you view which programs run during start-up, and lets you disable it. It displays the name of the application which runs, the command it executes, the status of the program (whether it is currently running), the company which made the program, the type of the start task, and the date and time when the startup item was first detected.

You can also click on the info button to view more information about the selected item, including the file’s location. The Plus Info button in the info pop-up screen, opens a web-page in WinPatrol’s website, to display more detailed information about the item if available, or submits the file to WinPatrol, for review. The pop-up can also be used to kill the task too.

The Startup Programs tab has a default option, to notify you when a Start up Auto Setting is removed, and an option to display secret startup locations, using the advanced mode, which shows System applications which run during the Windows boot process. The Delayed Start tab in WinPatrol PLUS , can be used to delay programs which are not immediately required, to improve the start up speed of the computer. This is better than disabling programs from the start up completely.

WinPatrol PLUS’ Scheduled Tasks tab can be used to see which programs are scheduled to run in the Windows Task Scheduler. The IE Helpers tab, monitors Internet Explorer, for Browser Helper Objects (BHOs) such as add-ons and toolbars, which could be installed by programs. This is a cool way using which, WinPatrol PLUS helps you avoid malicious toolbars, search bars etc. The Services tab in WinPatrol PLUS, lets you see all the Windows Services installed on your computer, the status of each service, the startup type, and first detection date of the service.

WinPatrol PLUS lets you monitor which processes are currenty running on your computer, the information about their host program, the file size and more. The Info button displays the version of the application, the file location, and more. It is quite similar to the Start Up tab’s Info screen, as it also has the PLUS Info and Kill Task buttons.

WinPatrol PLUS Coupon Code

You can use WinPatrol PLUS, to automatically delete cookies which contain specific texts, from your web browser, using the Cookies tab. You can monitor which program is used to open a specific file format, using the File Types tab. This lists the names of all file formats and their associated programs, along with the Class, extensions and command information.

The Hidden Files tab in WinPatrol Plus, lists files which are hidden on your syste. This is for analyzing for malware which may be disguised as an invisible file, but if you are unaware of the items, you should steer clear of this list, because it also lists Windows system files.

The File Size Monitor, can be used to scan the ‘My Documents‘ folder, to list all the files in it, along with their file size. This is useful to find large files, and delete the ones which you deem to be unnecessary. There are search filters which you can use for narrowind down the list to only display files bigger than a set file size, or by a file type. The Recent tab lists which programs have recently been run on your computer. It is a handy tool, for helping in cleaning up after a malware infection.

The ActiveX section in the program, lists which ActiveX Controls which are available on your computer. Usually, these are used by Internet Explorer and Windows.In case of s, and the ActiveX controls don’t have a patch, you cab use WinPatrol to disable ActiveX controls. WinPatrol PLUS can be used for monitoring the registry locations, which you add to it, to ensure that they are not no make sure they are not altered without your permission.

Other WinPatrol PLUS exclusive features which are not available in the free version are access to the WinPatrol PLUS Knowledgebase, real-time Infiltration Detection, better PLUS performance and set the program to auto respond or hide specific alerts.

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