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Security is one of the primary things, which should be given a priority, when it comes to your computer. After all, it is your line of defense between all your data and viruses. Now, you already have an antivirus installed on your PC. Isn’t that enough? It is but a part of the security, which your computer needs. That’s because viruses are not the only threat out there on the internet. There are many types of malware, which behave differently.

All of us, install some software or the other, once in a while, and that’s where the problem lies there in. Nit every software is a good one, some of them come bundled with ad-ware or toolbars, aka Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs). Such programs, can make changes to your operating system, or browser, or even try to install another program, in a secret manner.

WinPatrol Ultimate Bundle Coupon Code

That can be annoying, especially, if the changes they make are not easy to recover from. Now, what if a program tries to phone home, sending data back to the servers of the company, which made the program? That’s highly privacy breaking telemetry, which nobody likes, right?

There is one more malware, which should make you really worried. You have probably heard of it before, it’s called Ransomware. This is an intelligent and dangerous malware, which holds your data hostage by encrypting them with military frade encryption, and demands a ransom for the key to unlock it, aka the decryption key. Once a ransomware attacks, your antivirus becomes nullified, because you will still lose your files, when the ransomware is deleted. Unless you have a decryption tool, or the key itself, you can’t recover the data.

So, what is the way to prevent this? That is the answer in itself, prevention. The best method to combat such threats, is to stop the attack before it can even happen. Your antivirus may not be able to do that, and that’s why you need the WinPatrol Ultimate Bundle.

The bundle consists of three brilliant programs:  WinPatrol WAR, WinPatrol PLUS and WinPatrol Firewall. Let’s analyze each of those, and tell you the highlights of the progams.

WinPatrol WAR:

WinPatrol WAR or WinPatrol AntiRansom, is the most powerful of the three programs. That’s because it can stop Ransomware, dead in its tracks. It runs in real-time, and begins protecting your system, the moment it is installed on your computer. This is possible, thanks to the program discovery option which starts scanning all your installed programs immediately.

WinPatrol Ultimate Bundle Coupon Code

So, basically it starts working, without you having to select a single setting at all. The GUI of WinPatrol WAR and WinPatrol Firewall are nearly identical, with a ribbon interface, Only the options in the two program’s ribbons differ.

There are 4 layers of protection in WinPatrol WAR: PreEmptive Actions, Safezone Actions, Network Lockdown Actions and Protected Registry Actions.

PreEmptive Actions is the main shield, which blocks malware, zero-day threats, and Ransomware, before they can infect your PC. Network Lockdown uses a whitelist feature, to allows known good programs to access the internet, while blocking unknown or bad applications, when they try to go online. SafeZone acts like a sandboox folder, which only allows good programs to access the folder, while blocking bad programs from accessing it. Protected Registry prevents bad or unknown applications from accessing or changing important registry keys.

You can see the statistics of WinPatrol WAR in the Dashboard. The status of each program monitored by WAR, can be viewed from the Access History tab, which also lets you whicte list folders or programs from being blocked. You can view the list of Programs and Scripts which WAR allows to run, from the Programs tab, in the Configuration ribbon. Likewise, the Quarantine tab lists blocked programs, while the Settings tab lets you configure WAR’s settings. The Other Stuff ribbon, lets you change the color theme of with a simple click of the mouse. WinPatrol Firewall has a similar option in its Advanced tab.

WinPatrol PLUS:

WinPatrol PLUS is a system monitor application, wwith a simple . The interface is simplistic GUI, with a set of tabs. You can use the Startup Programs tab to monitor or block the programs which run during Windows start-up, and also view which the name of the programs, which command it executes, whether the program is running now, the company info, the start task type, and when the program was added.don’t check that

Every time a new startup item is added, you will be notified about the same. So, you can use the Startup screen to reduce the booting time. The Delayed Start tab allows you to further speed up booting time, by delaying programs which aren’t needed immediately. The Info button, present in many tabs, lets you see more information about the program you select, and also get advanced information from WinPatrol’s website. You can also kill the programs using the Info screen. You can use WinPatrol PLUS to schedule tasks, using the tab of the same name, and it will run the corresponding option using the buil-in Task Scheduler in Windows.

You can use WinPatrol’s IE Helpers tab to monitor Internet Explorer, and see if any programs add an extension or a toolbar to it. And similar to this is the ActiveX tab, which lists ActiveX Controls available for IE, and allows you to disable them too. Similarly the Services tab lists all Windows Services installed on your PC, while the Active Tasks tab lists running processes, to check for Hidden Files and File Types, from their respective namesake tabs.

The Cookies tab can be set to auto-delete website cookies, which   have specific text, from your web browser. The File Size Monitor allows you to scan your My Documents folder, for listing all files in it and their file sizes. You can check which programs have been running recently, from the Recent tab in WinPatrol Plus. Registry Monitoring lets you monitor changes to the Windos Registry, and prevents programs from making unwanted changes. In addition to this, you also get Real-time Infiltration Detection, configure WinPatrol PLUS to hide specific alerts, or hide auto respond to them, and view the WinPatrol PLUS Knowledgebase too.

WinPatrol Firewall:

Winpatrol Firewall has two tabs in its GUI: Navigation and Advanced.  Let’s check the Navigation tab. WinPatrol Firewall’s  statisctics, including its protection status can be viewed from the Dashboard tab. The Internet Programs tab lets you check which programs have been allowed to go online, or manually add or block a program from accessing the internet. The Plus Info button, lets you search the WinPatrol database cloud, for additional details about  an application you have selected.

WinPatrol Ultimate Bundle Coupon Code

You can also view the Windows properties of a program from the  properties button. The History option allows you to vie the detailed connection history of a selected application. The Blocked Programs tab can be used to check which applications are blocked by the Firewall.

Spy Block can block spyware embedded in programs, and allow the main application to run, something which no other firewall software can do, plus it can also block viruses and more powerful malware . WinPatrol Fireewall has a Host Intusion Prevension System, (HIPS) , in the form of Smart Recognition, which analyzes like a Host Intusion Prevension (HIPS), which has its own definitions, to allow/block applications from accessing the internet, intelligently.

You can configure the WinPatrol Firewall to block tracking cookies of websites,  using its Canvas Fingerprinting and Non-Canvas Fingerprinting options. You can also block Flash Cookies, or whitelist the ones you trust.

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