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Ransomware, if you have heard of this word, you deserve to be called tech savvy. For those unaware, Ransomware is a form of malware, just like viruses are. But they are not like traditional malware. Ransomware is more evolved, intelligent, and much dangerous than any virus you would have ever seen.

You see, Ransomware are often malicious code disguised inside normal files, usually like a known program’s installer, to trick the unaware user, to download the file. Once the file is downloaded on the PC, it silently executes a malicious code, to download the Ransomware, which then begins to encrypt your files in the background. This process locks your photos, music, documents, etc, which can only be unlocked, or to use the technical term, decrypted using a unique key.

This key, which can decrypt the locked files, well, it is only possible to obtain the key, by paying the ransom, which the attacker demands in return for access to your files, which are held as hostage. Hence the term Ransomware. There is usually a timer set by the Ransomware, which when expires, deletes all the files it encrypted.

Antivirus software are of no use, once a Ransomware has struck. Even if an antivirus is capable of removing  the Ransomware, the files cannot be recovered. So it is imperative, to stop a Ransomware, before it can attack.

Which program is capable of protecting your computer from Ransomware attacks? We recommend WinPatrol WAR. It is from the same company, which makes the famous WinPatrol PLUS program. Let’s see what WinPatrol WAR can do.

But first, why is it called as WAR? WAR stands for WinAntiRansom, as the program was formerly called.

WinPatrol WAR is truly an install and forget program of sorts, because once you install it on your computer and it starts scanning your system using its program discovery runs, and your computer is protected by the program from that very second. You don’t have to configure a thing, but there are optional settings available nevertheless. And that’s not the best part, WinPAtrol WAR can also blocks all types of malware.

WinPatrol WAR is not like a traditional anti-malware. It uses not one, but 4 special layers of protection to keep your computer safe from malware.

PreEmptive Actions
Safezone Actions
Network Lockdown Actions
Protected Registry Actions

The PreEmptive Strike, as the name so obviously suggests, is actually the program’s primary shield, and this is the one which blocks all malware, zero-day threats, and of course, Ransomware, before they can attack.

Network Lockdown only allows known good programs to access the internet. If a known bad application, or anew application, tries to go online, it will be blocked immediately.

SafeZone is like a sandbox, as in it has a folder, which only good programs (in the whitelist) habe access to. If any other application, such as a bad program or a new oprogram tries to access the SafeZone, it is blocked.

The Protected Registry protects the Windows Registry’s critical keys,  from being altered by bad programs or unknown programs. If any such application tries to change or delete protected regitry keys, the program is blocked by WinPartol WAR.

The interface of WinPatrol WAR is very similar to that of WinPatrol Firewall. It is also named similarly, as WinPatrol WAR. The interface is simplistic and quite modern. More importantly, it is quite user friendly. There is a toolbar on the top of the GUI, divided into a ribbon interface for quick access to the program’s features.

The ribbons are divided into: Action Pages, Configuration and Other Stuff.

The Action Pages ribbon is home to the majority of the tools. They are:

Access History
PreEmptive Actions
Safezone Actions
Network Lockdown Actions
Protected Registry Actions

The Dashboard displays the status of WinPatrol WAR’s Protection. It also has a lot of statistics, such as the total number of Programs and Scripts, the number of PreEmptive Strike Actions taken today, the total number of  Whitelisted Programs, the number of SafeZone Actions taken today, the number of programs which WinPAtrol WAR blocked, Network Lockdown Actions Today, the number of programs which were quarantined, and how many Protected Registry Actions were taken Today. The bottom half of the screen shows which one was the last program, that WinPatrol WAR detected, and the last program which was blocked.

The Access History tab lets you view the Details of a selected program, the Windows Properties of the program, Block or Whitelist the Program, or Whitelist an entire folder. You can edit folders which you have whitelisted too. Programs which are digitally signed, can be allowed to run based on ther signature. The Access History screen can be cleared, if it gets too cluttered.

The PreEmptive Actions, Safezone Actions, Network Lockdown Actions, and Protected Registry Actions tabs (the functions of which were explained previously) are quite similar to the Access History tab’s options.

The Configuration ribbon has three options: Programs, Quarantine and Settings. The Programs tab has similar options to the action pages, and also lists which Programs and Scripts have been allowed access to the internet. You can also use the search option to find specific programs. The Quarantines tab lists which programs have been blocked as malware in WinPatrol WAR. The Setting tab does exactly what it is named for, altering the program’s options.

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If you wish to change the colors or the themes of WinPatrol WAR Explorer, you will find the customization options to do so, in the last ribbon, called Other Stuff. A simple click of the mouse changes the UI instantly to reflect the selected theme.

A simplistic, yet user friendly interface, the fact that it is light on resources, and a superb set of security options makes WinPatrol WAR, a real tough soldier, which you should add to your computer’s arsenal.

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