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If you are burning a data DVD and you notice that a file which is too big to fit on the disk, don’t start over. You can use WinRAR to split the archive into several smaller parts. The application’s exclusive archive formats RAR and RAR4A, have an incredible compression rate.

WinRAR can also be used to create Zip archives, which are commonly used. And in case you ever get a 7z, JAR, LZH, TAR, GZ, ACE, UUE, BZ2, CAB, ACE, Z, XZ, ISO, ARJ archive formats, and want to extract the files from them, of course you can use the program to do that.

You can customize the archive in many other ways, including setting the compression level, and the dictionary size. If you have some multimedia files which you need to compress, but don’t know how to select the options for the archive, don’t worry. The program will automatically detect videos, images, and apply the compression settings. And this does not affect the original quality of the media either.

Another format which WinRAR supports is the SFX, which stands for Self Extracting EXE, and as the name suggests, it is an archive format which can extract its own content, without the need for any other program to be installed. So, if you are emailing the archive to someone, and they don’t have WinRAR, it won’t be an issue, to open the files.

WinRAR is very easy to use, and even supports a lot of themes. So, you can set the interface to look just like you want it to be. You can directly use the program to extract archives or select some files and create an archive, just by right clicking in Windows File Manager.

The application supports a 256-bit AES encryption system, which ensures the safety of the files that are in the archive. You can only access them if you have the correct password.

Adding a large file as an email attachment can be an issue, but you can use the multivolume option which WinRAR offers, to split the file in to several parts which are smaller.