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Thanks to a plethora of awesome new features, WinZip Pro breaks the mold of being just another standard run-of-the-mill file compression utility. While it does perform a great job when it comes to compressing and archiving content, WinZip Pro also extends support to areas such as data encryption, file conversion, and automated backups, wrapping everything up in a user-friendly interface that just about anyone can familiarize themselves with easily. Whether it’s cutting down storage space significantly by compressing items, securing data using state-of-the-art encryption algorithms, or automating data archive creation via a full-fledged backup manager, WinZip Pro’s got you covered.

User-Friendly Interface

WinZip Pro’s compact user-friendly interface puts everything that the application has on offer into focus instantly. To the top of the window, you can find a ribbon menu — akin to that found in Windows File Explorer — that includes everything from your normal file compressing and unzipping options, to the backup and configuration features present in WinZip Pro. The bottom of the window contains an intuitive navigation pane that lets you navigate your entire computer and connected storage media, a “Zip” area that lets you drag ‘n drop content if that’s your thing, and an “Actions” pane that lets you perform various modifications to compressed file archives. The application also features the ability to open multiple windows so that you can work across many projects simultaneously.

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Compressing/Archiving Files

WinZip Pro intuitively streamlines file compression, where you can use either the built-in navigation pane to move in files from any location on your hard drive, or the drag ‘n drop feature to instantly move in content from File Explorer. If you are in a hurry, you can resort to using an integrated “Right-click” entry in File Explorer to instantly zip files without opening WinZip Pro. Alternately, the application also features the ability to securely sign into any online storage service — OneDrive, Google Drive, ZipShare, etc. — so that you can compress files or folders located in the cloud. After selecting the items that you want zipped, WinZip Pro automatically estimates the compression ratio and projected space savings — by default, WinZip Pro applies maximum compression to items, but you can speed things up by opting for “Super-Fast” or “No Compression” when you just want to archive content.

Applying Archive Actions

When compressing files, WinZip Pro gives you the option to add various modifications to the output zip archives. Dubbed “Actions,” simply toggle on any of the four available options — Encrypt, Reduce Photos, Convert to PDF, and Watermark — and WinZip automatically completes that particular action for you. If your zip archives contain sensitive information, just use Encrypt and WinZip Pro secures you data using 256-bit AES encryption, thereby making it a nightmare for anyone to hack through. Reduce Photos, on the other hand, lets you reduce the resolutions of any images listed within the queue so that you can get even greater space savings — but at the expense of visual quality. When it comes to making your documents compatible across operating systems and devices, you can use the Convert to PDF option to instantly convert files to the standard PDF format. Finally, the Watermark feature serves as an invaluable addition to anyone looking to prevent their images from being pirated online.

Multiple Configuration Options

In addition to the four “Actions” that you can take, WinZip Pro also features multiple other options that give you the ability determine upon the outcome of your zip archive. If you are looking to easily share archives with others or burn them to optical storage, you can basically input a size in megabytes and WinZip Pro automatically splits the archive to multiple files — the application adds cyclical redundancy checks to ensure the stability of the archive across all files. In instances where older operating systems don’t support the ZIP file format, you can instruct the application to create a self-extracting archive that gives you the option to extract compressed files without the help of any additional third-party application. Further, WinZip Pro gives you the ability to convert your archives to the UUEncoded format for instances where certain mail systems don’t feature support for binary email.

Dedicated Archive Backups

WinZip Pro features an integrated backup solution that rivals even the best of dedicated backup managers. Simply put, you can instruct the application to compress your files to any location of your choice either once or at pre-set intervals regularly. WinZip Pro gives you the option to select from between various backup modes — you can, for example, use the Normal mode to create a full backup copy, or the Incremental and Differential modes on any subsequent backups that you may perform to save time — and bandwidth when outputting to online storage services. You can determine upon all aspects of the backup process, be it selecting the format that you want to use — ZIP for maximum compatibility or ZIPX for the smallest size — or the type of “Actions” that you want to take similar to when zipping a file in real time.

Should I Buy It?

The vast array of compression-related tools and features present in WinZip Pro is simply amazing. Not only does the application do a fantastic job at compressing files by giving you the option to select from between the older ZIP and the more advanced ZIPX formats, but the amount of actions and configuration options present simply establishes WinZip Pro’s reputation as a top file compression application. With additional features such as a dedicated backup manager and unparalleled support for multiple online storage services, WinZip Pro raises the bar to insurmountable heights when it comes to zip archiving.