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While WinZip’s mostly known for its file compression capabilities on desktops, WinZip Courier instead takes on an email-based approach. With the uncanny ability to integrate itself onto both email clients and Web browsers alike, WinZip Courier makes sending out your email attachments much easier, thanks to features such as zipping to reduce file sizes, converting documents for compatibility across devices, watermarking images to circumvent piracy, encrypting data for increased security, etc. WinZip Courier doesn’t just work with desktop and webmail clients; it also provides an unprecedented level of support for all Office 2016 and 365 applications that make sharing your documents a breeze.

How It Works

Upon installation, WinZip Courier automatically adds in the required extensions for desktop email clients — Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, eMClient, etc. Not just that, but the application also inserts itself onto all major Web browsers — Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc. — so that webmail clients such as Outlook.com, Gmail, and Yahoo aren’t left behind. Whenever you need to email an attachment, you can simply use the multitude of file zipping, encryption, and conversion options to drastically reduce the sizes of larger files to circumvent email size limits, ensure that any sensitive information has state-of-the-art protection against hackers, and ensure cross-platform compatibility for all your documents.

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Compressing Attachments

WinZip Courier’s integration into both desktop and webmail clients practically ensures that you can send out your email attachments quickly and efficiently. When you attach any file into a new email, you can instruct the email client to zip the file using either the normal ZIP format for best compatibility across platforms, or the advanced ZIPX format for major space savings. Since most email clients have a size threshold for mail attachments, you no longer have to worry about files slightly exceeding the limit. Desktop email clients such as, for example, Microsoft Outlook, allows you to zip your files using ribbon menu entries under the “Message” and “Courier” tabs, while webmail clients allow you to compress your files directly during the file selection process.

Attaching Larger Files

While compressing your files can put your attachments under the maximum size limits in most instances, you can’t do the same for files that are significantly larger in size — HD video files, for example. For these instances, WinZip Courier provides you with integrated support for all major online storage services — CloudMe, OneDrive, MediaFire, Google Drive, etc. — where you can securely sign in directly via WinZip Courier, upload your files, and receive cloud-based links that you can then send to your recipients, thereby allowing them to download your files directly off cloud-based servers without any issues. WinZip Courier also features built-in support for its own online storage service ZipShare.

Performing Modifications

In addition to zipping your email attachments, WinZip Courier features multiple options that you can use to perform various modifications to your zip archives. If you have any concerns about the data included within an email attachment — sending it to the wrong recipient, for example — just choose to secure the file using state-of-the-art AES encryption; then send out a password that the recipient can use to view the contents of the file. WinZip Courier provides a not-so-similar approach when it comes to protecting images — by inserting a text phrase of your choice, you can watermark any images included within your attachment as a means to prevent recipients from stealing your work, thereby making it an extremely versatile tool for photographers.

If you have a large number of documents in various files formats — DOC, DOCX, TXT, ODT, etc. — you can basically instruct WinZip Courier to convert them into the universal PDF format so that your recipients can have access to your documents without any issues; WinZip Courier intelligently detects all documents and applies file conversion while keeping page layouts intact. When it comes to attaching dozens of images, you can also configure WinZip courier to reduce the resolutions of all images — while keeping the original aspect ratios intact — that allows you to drastically limit the size of your attachments; WinZip Courier also ensures minimal loss of quality when downscaling images.

Office 2016/365 Support

In addition to providing an unparalleled level of support when it comes to attaching emails via desktop and webmail clients, WinZip Courier also features full-on support for all Office 2016 and 365 applications. By inserting the required add-ins to all your Office applications — Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc. — you can easily share your documents, slideshows, and spreadsheets by compressing, encrypting, or converting them directly before sending them out to the email client of your choice.

Should I Buy It?

Thanks to WinZip Courier, you no longer have to worry about all those large attachments that you want to send out by constantly worrying about maximum size limits and bounce backs — with its file zipping and online cloud storage features, you can email your attachments no matter how large they are. In addition, WinZip Courier provides you with an unprecedented level of support when it comes to, for example, protecting your attachments, converting documents to PDF, downscaling photo resolutions, etc., and the best part about the application is that you can do all these things without even having to zip your attachments, thereby making it a powerful and versatile tool to have with you at all times.