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While inarguably more popular on Windows operating systems, WinZip also features a counterpart on the Mac OS X dubbed WinZip Mac Edition; or simply referred to as WinZip for Mac. With access to WinZip for Mac, you can start reducing the storage sizes of documents, images, and videos by compressing them into the zip file format, thereby giving you the added benefit of conveniently sharing them with others. The application isn’t limited to just file compression — secure your files with the latest encryption algorithms, reduce image sizes drastically for even more space savings, and use integrated online storage support to compress files located in the cloud.

Intuitive Interface

WinZip for Mac features an uncluttered and user-friendly interface that just about anyone can familiarize themselves with instantly. To the top of the window, you can find various options — Add, Unzip, Email, and Share — that allow you to insert, unzip, email, and share files. The left-side of the WinZip for Mac user interface contains a huge vacant area that displays inserted files — you can also drag ‘n drop files to this area directly using Finder. Finally, the right portion of the window features the Actions pane, where you can find your encryption, photo resize, and cloud-storage options.

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Compresses Files

WinZip for Mac makes file compression a breeze. You can either use the “Add” option to the top of the window to insert the files that you want zipped, or you can drag ‘n drop files directly onto the user interface via Finder. Inserted files are compressed to the ZIP format by default, but you can also use alternate formats such as ZIPX, RAR, and LHA, for a more advanced compression experience and increased space savings, but at the expense of compatibility across devices. WinZip for Mac applies maximum compression for your files, but you can also instruct the application to simply archive files with minimal compression for a faster procedure.

Encrypts Archives

If your files contain sensitive information that you absolutely don’t want anyone from accessing without your permission, you can instruct WinZip for Mac to automatically encrypt your data simultaneously during compression. The application uses state-of-the-art AES encryption that makes it technically impossible to hack through — the application, by default, applies 128-bit AES encryption, although you can increase the algorithm to 256-bit via the Encrypt configuration panel. WinZip for Mac requires you enter a password that you’ll have to use whenever you want to access or unzip the archive in the future.

Resizes Images

WinZip for Mac features the built-in capability to gain even more space savings for you. When you add image-based files for compression, you can instruct the application to resize the images — while keeping the original aspect ratio intact — to any resolution of your choice. While this does result in a reduction of quality, the amount of space gained can be tremendous, especially when archiving high-definition photos that take up a ton of space already. WinZip for Mac supports any image-based file format that you throw at it, be it JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, etc., and also has the ability to detect the files even when mixed in with documents, videos, and music.

Supports Cloud Storages

In addition to compressing files and folders from local storage devices, WinZip for Mac also features an unprecedented level of support when it comes to working with data stored on cloud-based storages. By giving you the option to securely sign into major online services such as OneDrive, Google Drive, ZipShare, Dropbox, Box, etc., you can select items directly from the servers without having to download them to your HDD or SSD, where the application then allows you to compress them straightaway. Alternately, you can opt to compress files stored on local storage devices, and transmit the files directly to any cloud-based storage service of your choice.

Conveniently Shares Files

WinZip for Mac also focuses on providing as much support to sharing content with others as it is to compressing data. If you want to email your compressed archives, for example, just click “Email,” and WinZip for Mac automatically attaches the file to a new message on your default mail client — you can also choose to split your archives to multiple parts. In addition to attaching files, you can choose to insert cloud links when saving archives to online storages for an even more convenient sharing experience. WinZip for Mac also includes the ability share items via social media services such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, where you can simply sign in to the service of your choice and specify the person that you want to share the archive with.

Should I Buy It?

WinZip for Mac, or WinZip Mac Edition, provides you with just about all the features that you need when looking to compress documents, photos, music, and videos — since the ZIP format has universal recognition as an archiving format, WinZip for Mac also doubles-up as the ideal tool when it comes to sharing multiple files conveniently with others. Not just that, but WinZip for Mac’s integrated support for data encryption, image size reduction, and cloud-based storage services definitely raises the bar when it comes to file compression on the Mac OS X.