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For many years, WinZip has been a staple of file compression, and now it’s gotten even better. With WinZip Pro 25, compressing files has never been this easier, and a multitude of new additions make it an awesome addition to any PC. Want to protect your files using state-of-the-art encryption algorithms? Not to worry. Need to save space by downscaling photos? WinZip Pro 25 does that. Looking for a file compression application that also doubles up as a backup utility? You are already covered. And that’s just scratching the surface.

WinZip Pro Combo Bundle includes WinZip Pro Edition and WinZip Courier.

How It Works

Thanks to a super-intuitive user interface, WinZip 25 puts everything that you want at the tips of your fingers. A dedicated ribbon menu to the top of the window features all your compress, unzip, backup, diagnostics, and social media options, while the lower portion of the user interface focuses solely on adding in files for compression. WinZip 25 features a navigation pane that lets you import in files from your hard drive — alternately, you can simply drag in the files that you want compressed. Added files are compressed in the ZIP file format, where you get a projected report on how much space you actually can save after compressing your files. The presence of an Actions panel gives you the option to further add in various modifications to your ZIP archives.

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Adding in Files and Folders

WinZip Pro 25 lets you add in files and folders from any partition on your hard drive either via the built-in navigation pane or by drag ‘n drop. In addition, the application also inserts a context menu into Windows File Explorer that allows for instant file compression. Zipped archives can be replaced with the source data or saved to any location on your hard drive or to external storage media. WinZip Pro 25’s file compression capabilities also extend to cloud-based storage services, where you can simply sign into any service — OneDrive, Box, Google Drive, ZipShare, etc. — right from within the application and have any item selected — compressed data can be saved to the same cloud-based storage service, to a different service provider, or into your hard drive.

Actions Panel Configurations

WinZip Pro 25 doesn’t just stop at normal file compression — thanks to an actions configurations panel, you can perform various modifications to your data, ranging from securing content to drastically cutting down on file size. You can instantly toggle on your preferred option on the Actions configurations panel — Encrypt, Reduce Photos, Convert to PDF, and Watermark — and the application automatically does the job for you. The Encrypt options uses the state-of-the-art AES encryption protocol to secure your files from information theft, while the Watermark option gives you that much need peace-of-mind when dealing with fraudsters who steal images. Convert to PDF, on the other hand, automatically converts any document — TXT, DOC, DOCX, ODT, etc. — into the PDF file format for seamless compatibility across devices, and Reduce Photos lets you drastically cut down on image-based files sizes by downscaling resolutions.

Social Media Sharing

WinZip Pro 25 makes sharing your compressed data a breeze, thanks to a plethora of file sharing social media features integrated right into the application. You can, for example, instantly specify the application to mail out files and folders as soon as data compression finishes — the inclusion of a UUEncoded file system adds added compatibility when working with mail systems that don’t support binary email. Alternately, you can opt to share archives directly with instant messaging services that include Google Hangouts, Office 365 Groups, Yahoo Messenger, Jabber, etc. The application also provides an unprecedented level of support that allows you to share ZIP archives directly with friends, colleagues, and followers on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Dedicated Backup Options

The inclusion of a dedicated backup wizard further bolsters WinZip Pro 25  ’s reputation as one of the finest file compression utilities currently available. Thanks to this feature, you can specify the application to automatically back up files and folders either once or multiple times to an external hard drive or cloud storage service. Just like when performing file compressions in real-time, you can basically instruct the application to perform additional tasks such as adding in encryption to secure content, watermarking images to prevent piracy, reducing photo resolutions to save space, etc. Just like a full-fledged backup utility, the application also features incremental and differential back up modes for any subsequent or recurring backups that you may perform in the future.

Should I Buy It?

Simply put, the amount of features present in WinZip Pro 25 is astounding. Not only does the application do a terrific job at compressing files to cut down on storage space, but the plethora of features that focus on security, conversion, and piracy, puts it down as probably the best file compression utility currently available. The inclusion of various social media and sharing modules let you easily and efficiently manage and share your file archives with others, and the integrated backup module wraps things up nicely by providing automated protection for important files and folders. All of that, combined with a super-intuitive interface that nearly anybody can get familiar with instantly, make it worth every penny.

WinZip Courier is the perfect solution to send large files, share them directly on the cloud, protect them with military grade AES 256-bit encryption and other amazing features.