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Want to compress documents, music, and videos to free up storage space? Need to secure zip archives using state-of-the-art encryption algorithms? Require an application that automatically handles all compression-related tasks for you automatically? If so, then WinZip Pro 24 should fit you perfectly. The ability to instantly compress items whenever you want, built-in support for various encryption algorithms to secure data archives, and the inclusion of an integrated backup manager for automated data compression, make WinZip Pro 24 a terrific addition to your PC.

User Interface

WinZip Pro 24 features an intuitive user interface that’s highly reminiscent of native Windows applications, where you can find available features grouped under labeled tabs — Create/Share, Copy to, Backup, Tools, and Settings. Each tab opens up a range of options, be it unzipping, encrypting, sharing, backing up, etc. The lower portion of the WinZip Pro 24 window features a navigation pane that lets you easily add in files and folders, a “Zip” area that gives you the option of manually dragging and dropping in files, and an “Actions” pane that allows you to instantly encrypt, convert, and watermark selected files.

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Compressing Data

WinZip Pro 24 features multiple ways that you can compress, or zip, files. You can, for example, use the navigation pane to manually select items or the drag ‘n drop feature to simply drag in files — the application also inserts an entry into Windows File Explorer so that you can just right-click a file and specify that you want to compress it without opening WinZip Pro 24. Once you select the items using whatever method that you prefer, the application automatically calculates and displays the amount of space that you save by compressing them — file types have varying levels of compression, so you may not see the same type of storage space reductions across each format.

Configuration Archives

Thanks to various configuration options present within WinZip Pro 24, you can determine upon the outcome of your ZIP archives to work with them more efficiently. You can, for example, choose to split your ZIP archive into multiple parts for easier uploading or burning — simply specify the file size that you want and WinZip Pro 24 automatically splits it during compression. Since older Windows operating system doesn’t have an “Unzip” option, the application also lets you create self-extracting archives, where you can simply double-click the archive, specify a destination, and unzip it without the support of additional programs. Other features present include the ability to create uuencoded archives for instances of mail systems that don’t support binary email, a commentary feature that lets you comment upon the contents of an archive, run diagnostics on corrupted zip archives, etc.

Taking Action

In addition to the various archive configuration options present within the application, WinZip Pro also includes up to four “actions” that you can take while compressing content — Encrypt, Reduce Photos, Convert to PDF, and Watermark. With the Encrypt option, you can specify the application to encrypt the archive using either the 256-bit or 128-bit AES encryption protocols to prevent anyone from intentionally or accidentally gaining access to your files. Reduce Photos, on the other hand, automatically reduces the file size of image-based file formats — JPG, PNG, GIF, etc. — by scaling down the resolution, resulting in even greater space savings after compression. In addition, Convert to PDF lets you convert your documents — regardless of whatever format they are — into the PDF file format so that you can access them easily on whatever computer or device that you are using, while Watermark gives you the option to watermark images as a means to prevent others from stealing your work.

Backing Up Data

WinZip Pro provides an unprecedented level of support when it comes to backing up your data. The application features a built-in backup wizard that lets you select the items that you want backed up, the method that you want to use to do it, and the option to make it either a one-time job or a recurring back up process. WinZip Pro also gives you the option to determine upon the level of encryption and compression that you want to add, where you can select from between a faster compression procedure for smaller space savings, and vice versa. Going further than even dedicated backup applications, WinZip Pro features the ability to back your files to various cloud-based service providers or to your own Web server via FTP.

Should I Buy It?

WinZip Pro successfully breaks away from being molded as just another compress & unzip utility by providing an unparalleled level of support for just about any compression-related task. Whether it’s simply selecting a file that you want compressed, splitting large archives into smaller units for easier file management, or creating custom backup jobs for automated file compression, WinZip Pro ’s got you covered. Not just that, but the ability to encrypt archives, scale down photos, and convert documents make WinZip Pro one of the best file compression utilities currently available. In short: WinZip Pro is the best compression software on the market with tons of features to make your life easier and your daily jobs faster. If you work with documents like Microsoft Office, PDF files and many others, you cannot miss to save big right now with this great WinZip Pro Coupon. Don’t wait, save now.