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WinZip Pro is truly amazing, because of the wide range of features which it offers. For starters it excels at what it is known for, compressing and extracting files.

You can create Zips using various compression algorithms and save them in standard ZIP format. You can convert RAR, 7z, ISO, LHA, BZ2, IMG, and other formats into Zip archives. Let’s say you want to send an archive to someone, you can use WinZip Pro, to send the file via email attachments, or by cloud storage services etc. If the recipient does not have WinZip, you can create a self-extracting archive, which will be packed as an EXE, which they can open on their PC to extract the files.

Is the archive which you want to share too big to be sent as an attachment, you can use WinZip Pro to split it into several smaller archives. The best part about using Winzip Pro is that it the compression which saves the file size, does not impact the quality of your MP3 or JPEG files.

As an added security measure, you can lock archives with a password, and encrypt them with either the AES 128/256bit, FIPS encryption algorithm, to prevent unauthorized access. You can use WinZip Pro as a document viewer for DOCX, PPTX, XLSC, ODT, ODS, EPUB formats, or as an image browser which works directly within the interface. There is a PDF converter tool, which you can use to convert documents in to read-only PDFs, and send them to your contacts.

The interface of WinZip Pro has dual panes, aka tabs, so you can browse 2 folders simultaneously, to manage your files and folders.

WinZip Pro can also be used for backing up your data, and saving them on to cloud storage services, or CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, etc, or on your computer’s hard drive.  The program has many preset options which you can use to select which data you want to backup, such as the Documents folder, Pictures, etc. You can of course select which folders should be backed up too, and also create schedules for the tasks. These backup tasks will run at the scheduled time which you configured.