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Winzip Pro may be similar to the standard version, but it packs a ton of other features. The primary extras are the backup options which you get with the Pro version. You can use the application to backup your data on to CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, or if you wish to, you can set the program to backup the data on to your cloud storage accounts.

You have complete control over the backup tasks, so you can select which folders need to be saved, and you can also set the task to run automatically, by scheduling the time and date when you want the backup to start. The default folder selection options in WinZip Pro include the Windows’ Documents, Videos, Pictures and other folders, which you can use to set a backup task quickly.

You can use WinZip Pro to convert Microsoft Office documents such as DOCX, PPTX, XSLX, in to PDFs. Similarly, you can also convert images in to different formats. And yes, you can use WinZip Pro to view documents, ebooks, images, directly from the interface, even when you don’t have a third-party program associated with the file handler. The tabbed interface allows you to use the program as a file manager.

Sharing documents and archives using WinZip Pro is easy, thanks to the built in email sharing, and cloud storage integration options which allow you to upload the files to Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, or Google Drive with a single click, and you can send the link to your contacts.

Apart from creating Zips, WinZip Pro can view and extract data from many popular archive formats: 7z, RAR, IMG, ISO, BZ2, LHA, etc. So, you can open a different archive and save it as a Zip. And since WinZip Pro has excellent compression rates for JPEG, MP3, etc, you can reduce the file size of the archive, without affecting the quality of the files.

What if the contact whom you send an archive to, does not have WinZip installed? How will they open the archive and get the files? Very simple, you can use WinZip Pro to create a self extracting archive, which will be saved as an EXE. Sharing this EXE to the recipient will allow them to open them on their PC, without the need to install WinZip

Worried about hackers or unauthorized people accessing your archives? You can use WinZip Pro to encrypt them using AES 128/256 bit encryption methods, and lock them with a password.