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By providing an unprecedented level of support for file management, conversion, and security, WinZip 24 Standard isn’t just your run-of-the-mill compress & unzip utility anymore. With a super-intuitive and dynamic user interface that puts everything you need at the tip of your fingers, WinZip  Standard makes it extremely easy to perform just about any compression-related task you want. Whether it’s zipping and sharing a file via email, uploading zip archives to cloud-based storage services, toning down photo resolutions to drastically reduce file size, or securing data with the latest encryption algorithms, WinZip 24 Standard lets you do just that and a whole lot more.

Intuitive User Interface

WinZip Standard features a super-intuitive user interface that’s highly reminiscent of Windows’ File Explorer.  A ribbon menu to the top of the window separates available features into six separate tabs — Create/Share, Copy to, Backup, Tools, and Settings. Under the Create/Share tab, you can find all your compression, conversion, encryption, and sharing tools, while the Copy to tab gives you access to your unzipping/decompression options. The Backup tab, on the other hand, lists the zip archive backup functions available at your disposal. Finally, both the Tools and Settings tabs gives you access to some of the more advanced options present in WinZip 24  Standard . To the bottom of the window, you can find a file navigation pane that you can use to browse for files, a “Zip” area where you can move in files for compression, and an Actions pane that includes some common actions that you can prompt the application to perform — Reduce, Convert to PDF, Reduce Photos, Watermark, etc.

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Convenient Compression Techniques

Thanks to an intuitive navigation pane, you can browse your hard drive right from WinZip 24 Standard — just like you would do using File Explorer — and mark the files that you need compressed. Alternately, you can also drag and drop files into the WinZip 24 Standard window, or right-click a file via File Explorer and select the “WinZip” option on the context menu — when it comes to selecting multiple files, however, WinZip 24 Standard ’s integrated navigation pane’s the best for the job. If you have files stored on cloud-based storage services that you want compressed, you can also do that easily. WinZip 24 Standard features built-in support for all popular cloud storages — ZipShare, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, MediaFire, etc. — where you can sign in right from within the application and have your files selected. Selected files can be saved in the ZIP format immediately to any location that you desire — even to another cloud storage service.

Security & Conversion Tools

While you can compress selected files immediately, WinZip 24 Standard also gives you the option to perform various security, conversion, or file reduction tasks before archiving your files. By toggling on the Encrypt, Reduce Photos, Convert to PDF, or Watermark options on the Actions pane, you can have your files secured, converted, or watermarked simultaneously while compressing them. The Encrypt option uses the AES encryption algorithm to secure your files against hackers, where you select between both the 256-bit and 128-bit encryption keys to determine how much security you need. Same goes for the Watermark option, where you can add watermarks to your images to prevent others from stealing your work. On the other hand, the Reduce Photos option lets you reduce the file sizes of images drastically — while keeping the original aspect ratio intact — by scaling down the resolution to any size that you prefer. Finally, Convert to PDF gives you that much needed option when you want all your DOCX, TXT, or ODT files converted into one universal file format.

Sharing Content Online

In addition to simply compressing and archiving data, WinZip 24 Standard also provides an unprecedented level of support when it comes to sharing your files with others. When compressing files, you can specify the application to attach the compressed archive to your email so that you can send it out to people faster. Not just that, but the application also support archive sharing through instant messaging, where you can automatically upload and share data to Office 365 Groups, Twitter, Jabber, etc. And if that’s not enough, you also receive built-in support for uploading stuff directly to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter — just sign in to your social media account through WinZip 24 Standard , specify whom to share your files with, and you are good to go.

Automated File Backups

While WinZip 24 Standard is the perfect tool when it comes to file archiving, encryption, and conversion, the application also lets you streamline the entire process by creating backup jobs — either one-off jobs or scheduled recurring backups. After selecting the files that you want compressed and backed up, you can specify a storage location for the backup — a different partition, external hard drive, cloud storage service, etc. The application also provides various backup modes, where you can, for example, use the Incremental and Differential backup modes on subsequent backups to speed things up and cut down on bandwidth. WinZip 24 Pro also features various scheduling options, where you can have your backups recurring daily, weekly, or monthly.

Should I Buy It?

Simply put, WinZip 24 Standard makes file compression and management a breeze. Not only does the application compress your data into the universal ZIP format quickly and efficiently, but you also receive an unprecedented level of support when it comes to security, file conversion, and file size reduction. Combined with features such as full-on support for cloud-based storage services, streamlined file backup options, unparalleled social media sharing features, etc., and you have one of the best file compression utilities currently available.