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Which compression utility do you use on your computer? If you answered WinZip Standard, you have one of the best programs made for this purpose.

WinZip set the industry standard for file compression a long time ago, and still remains a leader when it comes to adding new and useful features. WinZip Standard can be used to view and extract content from Zip, RAR, 7z, BZ2, ISO, IMG, LHA among popular compression formats.

This allows the program to convert any of these file formats to the traditional Zip format, which in turn allows you to share them with your friends, family, or colleagues. And, they can open it on their computer running Windows, without the need for an external program.

That’s where Windows File Explorer’s limit ends though, because to do the reverse task, i.e., to compress a set of files efficiently, is something where it falls short at. WinZip Standard excels at that with incredible compression speeds, and an even more impressive compression size. There are various compression methods to choose from like the Zip 2.0, Bzip2, PPMD, LZMA, depending on the kind of data you want to compress.

You can use the application to compress MP3 files by 15 to 20%. JPEG by 20 to 25% without losing the quality of the pictures, so you can include more files and send them as email attachments, or upload to the cloud using less data, etc. The right-click context menu item ensures that WinZip is always available for you, in any folder which you open on your PC.

The application’s interface has a nice theme, is feature-rich, and remains easy to use, as always. WinZip Standard has built-in encryption options which can be used to create a password protected archive with a single click, and you can also decrypt files using the same. You can pick either the AES 128/256 bit encryption options, or the FIPS 140-2 encryption methods, to secure your data.

WinZip Standard can also be used to view files such as DOCX. PPTX, XLSX. Microsoft Office document formats, EPUB eBooks, XPS, ODT, ODS, etc. Too. WinZip Standard has other uses too, such as converting images to other formats, exploring and managing folders using the tabbed interface of the Files Pane, securely deleting files, recovering deleted files, and so much more.