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WinZip is the go to file compression application for many users, and for a good reason. It has been around for decades, and has been known to be the most user friendly application of its kind.

Most people use WinZip to usually extract files from archives.  While you can do that, you can also create efficiently compressed archives using the Zip 2.0, LZMA, PPMD, Bzip 2 or other compression methods. This allows you to create Zip files which are of much smaller size, than usual. MP3 music tracks can be packed into an archive at up to 20% lesser size by WinZip Standard, and JPEG photos by 25% without reducing the quality of the files, which makes it easy to send them over email or for uploading to the cloud.

Did you know WinZip Standard can be shared online using different cloud services, email, IM ? And adding files to an archive is as simple as right-clicking a file and selecting “add to zip”. You can use WinZip’s interface too for the same, and drag and drop files onto the archive tab which you are viewing. The application also doubles up as a file manager, which has dual panes, so you browse two folders at the same time.

You can use WinZip to open and unzip files from the following file formats: Zip, RAR, 7z, BZ2, ISO, IMG, LHA, and several other. Of course you can open these formats, and save them in to ZIPs. You can also create self-extracting archives in the EXE format, which can be sent to people who don’t have WinZip on their PC. WinZip allows you to lock your archives with a password, and encrypt them using AES 128/256 bit or the FIPS 140-2 encryption methods.

WinZip Standard is a native file viewer for many file types like Microsoft Office documents in the DOCX. PPTX, XLSX format, open office formats like ODT, ODS, EPUB eBooks, and a lot more. You can view images without opening them, using the built-in photo previewer, and even convert them in to other formats.

If you wish to delete files securely, or recover deleted ones, you can use WinZip Standard for these tasks.