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Over the years, Windows operating systems are the most notorious when it comes to PC maintenance. Any computer, within a few weeks, should start displaying slowdown symptoms due to accumulated “junk” files, invalid registry entries, fragmented disk drives, and various other issues. Using Windows’ own native maintenance tools don’t do much to resolve these problems, and that’s where Wise Care 365 comes into the picture. With the uncanny ability to conduct nearly any type of PC maintenance procedure that you can think, Wise Care 365 lets you have an uncluttered, faster, and more stable computer in practically no time.

Super-Intuitive User Interface

Wise Care 365 features an intuitive user interface that separates available PC maintenance options under labeled tabs — PC Checkup, System Cleanup, System Tuneup, Privacy Protector, and System Monitor. Under PC Checkup, you have the opportunity to scan for all issues that affect your PC — useless files, invalid registry keys, privacy risks, etc. System Cleanup, on the other hand, lets you gain access to the various file cleanup tools available at your disposal, while System Tuneup lists all PC optimization options bundled in with the application. With Privacy Protector, Wise Care 365 allows you to perform a number of actions that focus on preserving your privacy — browser cleanup, file shredding, etc. Finally, System Monitor features amazing functionality that lets you monitor in-depth the various processes and hardware components powering up your computer.

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System Cleaning

Since unnecessary files have a huge impact on both hard drive performance and available storage space, Wise Care 365 places huge emphasis on getting rid of them. With features such as Common Cleaner, Advanced Cleaner, System Slimming, and Big File Manager, you can accomplish this in no time. By using Common Cleaner, for example, you can remove Windows temporary files, Internet browsing histories, and application caches using pre-defined search criteria to instantly free up disk space. Advanced Cleaner, on the other hand, lets you manually search hard drive partitions for unnecessary or duplicate items, while System Slimming focuses more on toning down the size of the operating system — removing help files, installer caches, downloaded installation files, etc.

System Tuneup

Wise Care 365 also features a plethora of tools that let you focus on the optimization aspects of your PC, allowing you to run it faster than ever before — System Optimizer, Registry Cleaner, Disk Defrag, Registry Defrag, and Startup Manager are some of the optimization tools available at your disposal. With System Optimizer, you have an array of system-related options that help boost system stability, system speed, and network speed — you can manually select the options that need to be turned on or off, or you can just click “Optimize” and let Wise Care 365 apply the settings best suited for your PC. The Disk Defrag and Registry Defrag options focus on created contiguous files out of fragmented content, with the former focusing on entire hard drive volumes and the latter on just registry keys.

Defragmenting the registry isn’t enough to get your PC back to running as it should be, and that’s where Registry Cleaner comes in. By using this optimization tool, you can instantly start removing outdated, invalid, or corrupt registry keys, allowing for a considerably faster environment while also being more stable. Unnecessary startup modules are another area that causes massive startup slowdowns, mainly due to the large amounts of system memory that these modules use. With Wise Care 365, you can start disabling unwanted modules from starting up alongside the operating system, allowing you to boot into the desktop much faster.

Privacy Protector

In addition to all the file cleanup and PC optimization tools available for use, Wise Care 365 also features a number of options that focus on preserving your privacy — Privacy Eraser, Disk Eraser, File Shredder, and Password Generator. With Privacy Eraser, you can instantly delete recorded logs of certain activities that you performed on your PC — pictures viewed, movies watched, files accessed, websites visited, etc. Disk Eraser, on the other hand, lets you securely delete entire volumes using multiple passes and zero-byte rewrites so as to prevent file recovery applications from recovering data, while File Shredder features similar functionality but for individual files. Finally, Password Generator allows you to generate secure passwords so that you don’t have to waste time thinking up strong passwords by yourself.

System Monitor

Wise Care 365 features an exciting feature dubbed the “System Monitor,” which lets you see in real time how the various system processes and hardware components powering up your PC functions. When checking system processes, you receive detailed information such as the application that a process’s related to, the location of the said process, CPU load, consumed memory, etc., allowing you to instantly locate abnormal processes that pose performance issues. With the hardware monitoring tools available, you can find invaluable information such as model numbers, temperatures, cache sizes, etc., for processors, motherboards, graphic cards, and any other component connected to your PC.

Should I Buy It?

What are you looking for in Wise Care 365? Complete support for removing all sorts of useless files that clog up your system? Check. Multiple optimization tools that focus on cleaning the registry, defragmenting hard drives, and boosting startup speeds? Check. Unprecedented support for preserving your privacy? Check. Simply put, Wise Care 365 features everything that you may want when it comes to keeping your PC in top shape. With the ability to perform optimizations yourself, as well as the functionality to automatically apply various modifications to boost the speed of your PC, Wise Care 365 provides incredible value for every penny that you spend.