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Ever watched a movie and felt like saving a small video clip which you thought was inspiring, or you know hysterical? It would be nice to have such a video on your phone too. The same can be said about audio or other music clips.

Usually people download software known as video cutters or audio cutters, and try to extract the content from their multimedia files. These are often free and ad-ridden software. And even if it is not the case, chances are it has a complex user interface, which will confuse the user, or not have sufficient features to accomplish the basic task which you wanted to do.

But before we tell how to solve this simple problem, we have a question. What video player do you use on your computer? Most people prefer to use the one which they have ready, when the operating system is installed. We are talking about Windows Media Player of course. Even the latest version of the operating system, Windows 10, has Windows Media Player built in to it.

And you don’t need to install anything apart from the pre-installed player on your PC, except a small plugin which we have come to respect for its functionality, and that is called WMP Trimmer Plugin.

WMP Trimmer Plugin Coupon Code

The best part about using the WMP Trimmer Plugin on Windows 10, is that there is no additional step required, to activate the plugin. Simply run the player, and you will see the plugin is ready to use instantly.

Notice the large toolbar beneath the main interface of the Windows Media Player’s window? That is the WMP Trimmer Plugin’s GUI. See how small it is? You don’t even have to switch to open an external application for editing your video or audio. So you get to enjoy the best features of Windows Media Player alongwith that of the plugin.

To the left of the toolbar, you can see the plugin’s version information. Right next to this, is a large folder icon, click on which, as you may have guessed, lets you browse the folders in your computer, to select a media file which you wish to edit. Doing so will play the video in a new window using the media player.

Now, the next thing you want to do, is to click on the edit button in the middle of the window. This will bring up another three toolbars for editing and playback purposes. The first of these is the playback bar, which displays a timer to represent the current time position of the video, and a set of buttons for jumping to the next/previous video or audio, jump between previous/next k-frames, and to play or pause the playback of the file.

Next is the timeline view, which displays three sections: the time position of the video’s content, the video frames which the video comprises of, and a graphical representation for the audio (in volume levels). You can use the storyboard button next to the playback bar, to disable or enable the thumbnails of the video’s frames. The waveform button next to the storyboard button, similarly disable/enables the audio graph.

There are 2 markers which you can place anywhere on the timeline, to edit the video or audio. Fro example, if you want to cu a video to get the content between 0:30 (seconds) and 1:05 time position, place the marker with arrow on the bottom to the left of the O:30 second time position, and the arrow on top to the right of the other time position. Now your selected area is ready for editing, The third toolbar below the timeline is the editing toolbar. You can use it to add or remove markers from the video timeline. This is useful if you want to select multiple portions of a video, while skipping the content outside the selected areas.

When you have selected the area you wish to edit, choose from the two icons which represent a thumbs up and thumbs down. The thumbs up icon retains the content within the markers, and deletes the content beyond them. A more easier way to cutout portions of a video, is by using the thumbs down button, which deletes the content you place within the markers. See how simple it is to edit a video?

The invert timeline fragment, lets you switch the selection of the marked section, to the unselected area, and vice-versa. The mute button lets you mute the audio content from the video.The timers to the right of the mute button can be used for jumping from frame to frame, and set the markers at the position you want. You can right-click on the timelines and use the same options from the context menu too.

WMP Trimmer Plugin Coupon Code

There is something important about the editor which you must understand. It is based on groups of pictures or GOPS. These consist of k-frames or key frames, as it is commonly called in non linear video editing terms. The first frame in a GOP is encoded independently, while the succeeding frames use the main k-frame as a requirement for accuracy.

When you are done selecting and making the edits you want, you can click on the Trim button, which will allow you to save the file in video format or as an audio. So you can make use of it to create a ringtone, or an audio clip too.

SolveigMM WMP Trimmer can be used for editing media of the following formats: AVI, WMV, ASF, WAV, WMA, MP3, MPEG-2, MPEG-1, AVCHD, FLV, MP4, MOV, WEBM, MKV. The application is available in 4 languages: English, German, Chinese and Russian.

It doesn’t matter if you use third party video players, you can still use WMP Trimmer Plugin to extract and edit the video and audio files, and play them in other players, and devices too. If you download streamed content, webinars, etc, and wish to edit them to save the important sections WMP Trimmer Plugin is the best choice for you.

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