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WonderFox Document Manager Coupon Code

Is your computer cluttered with folders and folders of documents? Do you find it difficult to find the document which you wanted to read or edit? Organizing files on a hard drive can become a real headache, when the number of files is quite large. 

You may have to spend hours, browsing each folder, and moving the files to a different folder to organize them in a meaningful manner. In some cases, like mine, where I have hundreds of documents, invoices, etc, it is nearly an impossible task. The time and manual effort it will take to organize these documents, makes me think It is not worth it. What if you could use a simple software, to organize the documents for you?

That is exactly what WonderFox Document Manager can do. When you start WonderFox Document Manager for the first time, you can use the Index option. This will let the application scan your computer for documents, and list them in a neat manner. You can of course skip this if you want to. You can use the index button in the program’s toolbar anytime you want to update the list of the documents. 

This is very useful, if you have just downloaded or copied a set of documents on to your computer. You can select the hard drive or partition you wish the program to scan in too. It takes a few minutes for the scan to complete, but it is definitely worth your time. The scan result is displayed in a pop-up dialogue, and tells you how many documents were found. 

WonderFox Document Manager has a really good-looking interface. Though it may look like it is complex at the first glance, it is actually quite the opposite in that it is very user friendly. The GUI of the program consists of a toolbar, a folder address bar, a search bar, a side-panel, and a large pane on the right side. The main pane in WonderFox Document Manager, lists all the documents which are detected by the program. You can select the documents here and use the toolnar above, to perform the appropriate actions.  

The toolbar in WonderFox Document Manager is divided into 4 sections. The first of these have the following options: Index, New, Load and Open. The Index option, like we explained earlier scans your computer for new documents. The new button can be used to create a new Word DOC or DOCX, or Excel XLS or XLSX, or PPT document. For this to work, you need to have Microsoft Office or Libre Office or another document editor installed on the computer. The Load option lets you open any document on your computer by browsing through the folders manually. The Open command lets you view a selected document in its respective viewer application. 

Moving to the next set of options. You can use the options here to rename a document, move it from one folder to another, remove a document from the index, or even delete one permanently. The backup option allows you to select a folder to save a copy of your documents in, and lets you backup the selected files. You can use this option to restore documents from a previously taken backup, in case of issues, or you want to go back to a prior version of your document. The Add Folder option lets you create a folder and name it right from within the interface. The Find Target option can be used find the folder location of a selected document. 

WonderFox Document Manager Coupon Code

The third set of options offers some security options for your documents. You can lock a document to make it read-only, and prevent other users from editing it. To unlock it you must use WonderFox Document Manager. The Hide option lets you disable a file from being displayed in Windows File Explorer, Search etc. You can un-hide a document just as easily, with a click of the mouse. The Encrypt tool in the application, lets you lock your document with a password, and encrypts the file, so nobody can open it, even if it is visible in Windows. Similarly, you can decrypt any document you set a password for, using the option in the toolbar.  

All of the above options are also available in the right-click menu, of the main pane except for the find target and convert options. The last tool in the toolbar, is the Convert tool, which lets you convert your documents in to different formats. 

The folder bar in the program, is unique in that it only displays the path of the folder which you created using WonderFox Document Manager.  You can always view the full folder path in the bottom of the window, when you select a document, so there’s that. 

You can use the up-arrow button which is next to the folder bar, to jump to the previous folder, just like the up one level in Windows file Manager. The Search bar in WonderFox Document Manager, allows you to search your computer for any document type. This tool can find hidden documents and list them. You can used the advanced option to enter keywords to narrow down the search quickly. There are 8 keyword fields, which means you can search for up to 8 terms simultaneously, to save time. 

The left side-panel in the program’s interface, also called the Document Types panel, lets you display only the type of files which you want to see. You can choose to list only Word documents, or Excel spreadsheets, PPT presentations, PDFs, or list all the documents at once. 

WonderFox Document Manager is easy to use, and is the most efficient way to find and organize documents. You can download and try the trial version for 30 days, before you upgrade to the paid version. 

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