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WonderFox DVD Video Converter Coupon Code

If you have a large collection of movie DVDs, or videos which you took on vacations or parties, you might want to consider having a digital backup of the videos. But, there is a small issue with these videos. 

The files won’t be playable on most devices, including computers, mobile phones and tablets. What do you do then? Of what use are the digital copies, besides for making new DVDs? What if you want to watch the movies when you are travelling, on your smartphone or tablet or laptop? 

All you need to do, is to convert the videos in to a format which is supported on the device. We recommend WonderFox DVD Video Converter for this purpose.  

WonderFox DVD Video Converter can extract, or rip, videos from DVDs with their original structure intact, so all the chapters will be saved too. You can play the converted videos on basically any modern device like computers, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, and also on Smart TVs. 

WonderFox DVD Video Converter has a user friendly interface, which has a dark theme. It looks really beautiful, and comprises of three main sections, a toolbar, a large pane and a sidebar. 

The Toolbar can be used to add videos which you want to convert, and to do so click on the “Add Files” option. You are not actually limited to only using DVD videos as the input format, so you can import almost any video format to the program, and queue it for conversion. 

Videos which you add will be listed on the pane below the toolbar. Here, you can see a thumbnail of the movie, the name of the file, the video format, duration, resolution, and the video size. To the right of this, on the same pane, you can see the output file’s settings. Just below the video’s source properties, there are two buttons, one for choosing the audio and the other for selecting the sutitles which you want to add to the video. 

Click on the video’s thumbnail, to preview the movie using the built-in video player in WonderFox DVD Video Converter. If you want to edit your video, you will be pleased to know there is a video editor available in the program, and it can be accessed by clicking on the “Edit” button next to a video. 

The video editor in WonderFox DVD Video Converter, has two panes. The first one shows the original preview of the video, while the second preview, also called the output preview shows how the edited version looks like. You can add special effects to the videos, cut portions out, trim the video by reducing the start and end time duration of the video, rotate or flip the video from the editor. The snapshot icon here can be used to take a screenshot of the current frame of the video. 

If you add more than one video to the converter, you can merge them all in to one video. Speaking of which you don’t necessarily have to use videos which you already have, to convert them. You can download videos from the internet using the built-in video downloader in WonderFox DVD Video Converter. Click on the Download Video option in the toolbar, and this will let you paste the URL of the video, and select the analyze option. This will bring up a list of the available formats and resolution, that the video is available for download. 

Select the folder where the video should be saved, and click on the download button to begin the process. 

Another option to add videos for conversion, is to select the “Load DVD” option in the toolbar, and select a folder which contains the DVD video file. Once you have finished adding and editing the videos, it is time to move to the Output format section, which is available in the form of the side-panel in the right edge of the program’s window. 

You can use WonderFox DVD Video Converter to convert videos in to the following output formats: H264, HD AVI, HD MP4, HD MOV, FLV, HD WMV, AVI, MP4, VOB, MKV, TS/MTS/M2TS, WMV, MPEG, WEBM, etc. 

WonderFox DVD Video Converter Coupon Code

Don’t know which format to choose? Not to worry, the program lists a lot of device profiles, which can be accessed by clicking on the side-panel. You can select the device which you want to convert the video for, say for example, an Apple iPhone, or a Google or LG or HTC or Samsung Android phone, and the device model which you have, or the closest match for it. 

Selecting so, will let DVD Video Converter automatically choose a format which is compatible with your device. You can still customize the settings of the conversion, including the video encoder, aspect ratio, resolution, frame rate and bit rate, and also the audio settings like channels, encoder, bit rate, sample rate, volume level, etc. The bar on the bottom of the application’s window, allows you to select the output folder where the videos will be saved after the conversion process. The final step is to select the run button and let the software do its job. 

WonderFox DVD Video Converter can be used to create ringtones from movies too, using the Ringtone Studio option. The software supports NVIDIA CUDA, Intel Quick Sync multiple cores for high speed conversion with 0% quality loss.  Converting a DVD video using lossless encoding, is a great way to save yuour storage space too. For example, a 700MB 1080p Full HD movie in MOV format, can be converted into MP4 format using H.265 encoding which will reduce the size of the video by over 50%, without impacting the visual quality. 

WonderFox DVD Video Converter works with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/ and XP. Give the trial version a try before deciding to buy the paid version. 

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