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WonderFox Photo Watermark Coupon Code

Are you a digital artist or photographer? Do you own a blog or a personal website? If so, you will be aware of the need to protect your content, from being copied and used on other websites. 

This becomes more of an issue, when your blog has a lot of photos, especially exclusive ones. Many website admins often use the photo they found on another website, and do not link back to the source website. This sort of unethical practice can affect websites very badly, if they are not credited for the pictures. 

Not only will people understand that the photo does not belong to another website, your hard work goes unnoticed. So, your beautiful click of a sunset, or a night shot of a city, or landscape, which highlight your skills as an excellent photographer will not get its due recognition.To prevent such misuse, all you need to do, is to label your pictures with a stamp, which has your website’s URL or your own name on it. Such watermarks can also be used for protecting your company’s resources too. 

But wait, what application should I use for watermarking my photos? We prefer to use WonderFox Photo Watermark for its ease of use, and the various customization options it offers. 

Here’s why we recommend it.  WonderFox Photo Watermark has a beautiful start screen, which lets you start the process of adding your images to it in simple steps. You can click on the add images button to manually browse your computer’s folders and import the photos which you wish to protect, or select the “add folder” option which can be used to select a directory which has a lot of images. 

The image browser window which is available in the program, lets you view a thumbnail preview of the picture, and also displays the resolution of the photo, the DPI, colors (whether it is 24-bit, etc). You can import images of the following format using WonderFox Photo Watermark: BMP, JPG, JPEG, JP2, GIF, TGA, PNG, TIF, TIFF, PSD, PCX, ICO, CUR, PXM, WBMP, CRW, RAW, GIF, WBMP, etc. 

Importing the images will open the main interface of WonderFox Photo Watermark. As you can see, the interface uses a tabbed design. There are 7 tabs: Home, Text, Image, Effect, Frame, Resize and Rename. 

The Home tab lists all the images which you have imported, and displays a thumbnail preview and the name of each photo. You can use the toolbar on the bottom of the window, to add new photos, or to create a new folder, or to remove specific images from the selection, or clear the entire selection. Double-clicking on any of the photos, will open it in the default image viewer which you have on the PC. 

This tab allows you to add a text watermark to the selected photo. There is a zoom bar on the top of the tab, as well as an aspect ratio selector. You can use it to adjust the view of the photo viewer which is available below the toolbar. The undo option can be used to revert adjustments made in the previous step, while the rebuild option lets you clear all changes which you made. 

The Rotate button allows you to change the oreintation of the picture, while the crop button can be used to resize the canvas. The Exif option displays the metadata of the picture. There is an image gallery, which displays the thumbnails of the photos which you imported, just below the photo viewer pane. 

This toolbar, photo viewer pane and the thumbnail gallery are available in all of the tabs in WonderFox Watermark Software (except the Home tab). 


The right side-bar changes in each tab, to reflect the corresponding options in it. The Text tab allows you to type a custom text, which will appear in the photo viewer pane. You can drag the text on the pane on to any position on the picture. You change the style of the text, from the text effects section in the panel, and also add a symbol such as Copyright, Registered, or Trademark from the same. 

When you are done customizing the text, select the run option, to apply the watermark to the photo. 


This is similar to the text watermark panel, except you can add a custom image, say for example your website or company’s logo to the picture. There are a lot of sample images built-in to WaterFox Watermark Software, which you can use for protecting your photos. 


This panel has an extra set of tools, which can use to add a mosaic, color, or a bokeh effect. You can use the various special effects in the side-panel, to add a cool effect to your picture. 


The Frame tab allows you to select a border for your picture, and has several frames built-in to choose from. 

WonderFox Photo Watermark Coupon Code


This panel allows you to resize the photo based on the percentage ratio, or the number of pixels as in the resolution size like 1920 x 1080 pixels. 


The rename tab can be used to rename multiple photos at the same time, i.e., in batches. 

Double clicking on the watermark which you added, brings up the settings panel. You can use it to add formatting to your text such as underline, bold, italics, alignment, etc. You can also choose the font size, font type, etc from the same panel. In addition to this, you can adjust the opacity of the text, to make it appear non-distracting, and also rotate it from 0 to 360 degrees. 

See how easy it is to add a watermark to your photos using WonderFox Photo Watermark? The best part is that you can use the program to add watermarks to multiple pictures at once, even if you have selected a 100 pictures. 

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