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WonderFox Video Watermark Coupon Code

Are you a YouTuber or a vlogger on other popular websites like Facebook, Vimeo, etc? Do you create tutorial videos for online courses? Do you review gadgets or other products on video? Are you a let’s play game video creator? 

Basically, if you create and share videos online, you may be aware of a big problem, unauthorized use of your videos. There are bad people out there, who always create a fake channel or website, and steal the videos created by others. So, your hard work is stolen in an easy manner, and the other person could even make money out of it. This has to be stopped, and your videos should be protected from theft. 

WonderFox Video Watermark is an excellent option for this purpose, and here’s why. The software can be used to add a watermark to your video, which brands it with a text or image you choose. This way, if someone tries to steal or copy your video, you can hit them with a Copyright claim, because the watermark will stand as proof that the content belongs to you. 

This sounds complicated, just how difficult is it to imply? WonderFox Video Watermark is extermely easy to use, and that’s thanks to the interface, which has a user-friendly design. The GUI of WonderFox Video Watermark comprises of two panes, a toolbar, and a menu bar. 

The Add Video option in the toolbar, can be used to add a video which you want to add a watermark to. You can also drag and drop content from Windows File Explorer on to the GUI of the application. You can also add an entire folder of videos to be watermarked. These options are available from the file menu as well. The remove button lets you remove the selected video from the watermark queue. The Clear option removes all videos from the queue. 

Videos which you add to the queue, are displayed on the left pane. This panel includes the name and folder path of the video, the file size, the resolution of the video, and the duration. Clicking on the more option opens a pop-up dialog, which also displays the video bit rate, created date, encoding format, frame rate, and the audio properties such as the sample rate, channels, bit rate and encoder format. 

The right pane of the WonderFox Video Watermark interface has a video player. This is the preview pane, where you can play and watch the video. You can also use it to take a screenshot of the current frame. Click on the magic wand, and this will bring up the effects window in the program. This has another video player with 2 panes, one which displays the source file, and the other which shows the video with the effects which you added. 

The bar below the video player allows you to add effects such as adjusting various parameters like the Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Mosaic, Blur, Sharpen, Emboss, Noise and Old Film. Not happy with the effects and want to start over? Hit the reset button, and you are good to go. 

Now, to add a watermark to the video. Select the Add text button on the right panel, or from the Edit menu to open the “Text Watermark” screen. Here you have another video player, where you can adjust the preview speed. You can choose a speed from 4 frames per second and up to 30 fps. There is a timeline bar below the player, which you can use for precision editing. 

Look at the two tabs in the right panel. The Text Watermark tab lets you add your own text to the video. You can choose the opacity level, which will make the text transparent, so the viewer is not distracted. You can also rotate the text watermark at any angle, from 0 to 360 degrees if you want to. Once you add a watermark, you can use your mouse to drag and drop it to a different part of the screen. 

Similarly, you can choose the alignment based on the X and Y axis positions. There is an option to enable scrolling for a marquee effect watermark, which can appear horizontally or vertically for a set period of time. The Auto text size option allows the program to adjust the size of the text to adapt to the video.  

The Font tab allows you to style your text watermark with the common formatting options like Bold, Italic, align right/left, font size, font type, struck text, distorted text, shadow, etc. You can also use it to add symbols like ©, ®, ™ (C, R, TM) for copyright, registered and trademark, to show that the video rights belong to you. The pane on the far right of the watermark screen, allows you to manage all the watermarks you have added to a video. 

Back to the main screen, select the Add image option, and this will bring a similar screen to the text watermark editor, except you can use a picture for watermarking your video. There are a lot of images available in WaterFox Video Watermark, which you can choose from, for protecting your video. You can of course use any image of your choice, and customize the watermark’s properties, position, etc. You can use the “Add Shape” option to add a geometrical shape as a watermark for your video. This is pretty much a very unique option, and is really cool. You can customize the parameters of the shape watermarks too. 

WonderFox Video Watermark Coupon Code

When you have finished customizing all the settings for the watermark, select the run option to add it to the video. You can even set an “after done” task from the Tools menu, which will be run after the watermark has been added to the video. 

WonderFox Video Watermark is simple, has powerful customizations. Try the free trial of the application before you decide to buy it. 

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