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Wondershare PDF Converter Coupon Code

When you are working with Office documents, you are likely dealing with a lot of formats. But when it comes to bills, receipts, client reports, etc, you often find that they arrive as PDFs. That’s because PDFs can be signed digitally, not edited as easily, etc. So it’s kind of more commonly used than other formats, and for legal and accounting purposes, it is the only accepted format.

But, when you are the recipient of a PDF, you may want to change it in to a different format, for a variety of purposes, from simple reading, or compatibility with devices and software. Converting an Office document to and PDF, is quite easy. All you have to do is open the document, and click on export as PDF, and you get a PDF of the file.

Now, what about the other way around. Can your office software convert a PDF to another format? You probably have to look for a different software to do the job, but can you name one which has worked perfectly? Didn’t think so, but don’t worry. We know a great program which is here to save your day.

Say hello to Wondershare PDF Converter. And without further ado, let us see what it is capable of.

Starting with the looks, Wondershare PDF Converter has a very simple GUI. The interface resembles a web browser but without the clutter, in that it has just two tabs, and a side panel on the right side. There are no confusing menubars and complexities.

The tabs in the program are Convert PDF and Create PDF. You didn’t think the program is restricted to converting PDFs, did you?

The Convert PDF tab allows you to add a PDF by either browsing your hard drive, using the button on the bottom left corner. Or, you can open Windows Explorer, and drag the PDF file to the interface of Wondershare PDF Converter.

Once you have added a file, the screen will display the name of the file, the number of pages in the document, and the document’s file size. You can use the drop down menu next to the file information, to select the number of pages, which you wish to be converted. You can choose between converting all pages, or select a specific page, or different sets of pages. If you want to skip a specific set of pages, you can input the number after the page, where the program should start converting, to the number of the last page in a set.

For example, the PDF we used had 60 pages, and I wanted to skip pages 1, 2 and 9. So, I had to enter 3-8 and then add a comma, add a space, and then add the next set, 10-19. That is simple enough, isn’t it?

The side bar on the right edge of the program, allows you to select the output format, i.e., the document format in which the PDF should be saved in to. You can choose between Microsoft Office document formats such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

And you can also choose other formats like HTML, EPUB (ebook format) and image formats like JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG and TIFF. To do this, go to the advanced settings, and select one of the image formats. The PDF to image converter can also be used to extract all images from a PDF, or to save each page as an image.

This screen houses a lot of other options. You can set the Excel format converter to retain the documents values with or without formatting, or combine pages into a single Excel sheet. You can set the HTML converter to ignore hyperlinks (URLs) and images. The EPUB format converter can extract text and images from a PDF to EPUB, or each page as an image. You can also a picture to it, to be used as a book cover.

You can convert multiple PDF documents simultaneously using Wondershare PDF Converter , to save time. And all converted documents are editable, searchable, and will preserve the layouts and formatting of the original document. PDFs protected with passwords can be converted to, as long as you have the password. The conversion speeds are very good, and we were impressed with the resultant documents. You can select the output folder, where the converted document should be saved in to.

Wondershare PDF Converter also supports scanned PDF documents. The OCR option, as in Optical Character Recognition, can be used to extract text from scanned PDFs. Then you can copy or edit the content, or even search for words in the document, after the conversion process has been completed. The OCR option in Wondershare PDF Converter is so powerful, that it can scan for and detect words from specific languages which you select, and there are over 20 OCR supported languages to choose from.

The Create PDF tan Wondershare PDF Converter allows you to convert Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, EPUB, Images, into PDF files, or to a image-based PDF format. The options are quite similar to the Convert PDF tab, except that you can set the program to automatically open the PDF, after the conversion process has been completed. And yes, you can create PDFs from a batch of files, i.e., multiple documents at the same time. With multiple files, you can also set an option to merge them in to a single PDF document.

Wondershare PDF Converter Coupon Code

There is an option for multiple document conversion, available on the side bar, which allows you to change the order in which the PDFs should be converted.

Wondershare PDF Converter works with all versions of Microsoft Windows from the latest Windows 10, to 8.1 (32bit), 8, 7, Vista and even XP. There is no question about it, Wondershare PDF Converter is the best and most user friendly document to PDF converter software.

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