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Do you work on Microsoft Office a lot? If so, you will probably be aware that the most commonly shared office document. Most clients expect documents to be in a read-only format, more precisely, in the PDF format.

Why? Because it is the most readable format, and also because your client will not need a special software, to open the document. Almost every office and client now use Windows 10, which has a new browser called Microsoft Edge. Which doubles up as the default PDF reader in the operating system.

But when you export a Microsoft document as a PDF, it is often quite badly done, losing the formatting style, and in turn the readability. You need a special application to ensure your PDF is of top quality, a program such as Wondershare PDFelement.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Wondershare PDFelement is not only an amazing PDF creation tool, it is also capable of editing PDFs. Let’s learn more about it.

Wondershare PDFelement has a brilliant interface, with a dark background for the start screen’s sidepanel, and a light background with tiles. The sidepanel lists your recently opened PDFs and can also open a PDF stored on your computer, while the tiles are for the following functions:

  • Edit PDF
  • Convert PDF
  • Create PDF
  • Combine PDF
  • Batch Process
  • PDF Templates

The Edit PDF option, as the name suggests, can open a PDF and allows you to edit it just like you would edit a Word document. Speaking of which, this brings up the main screen of Wondershare PDFelement, which consists of a toolbar with ribbon UI for tabs, a sidepanel, and a viewer/editor pane.

There are 8 tabs in the PDF editor: File, Home, View, Comment, Edit, Page, Form and Protect.

The File menu takes you to a different screen, where you can view the recent documents, view a PDF’s properties, create a new PDF, open an existing PDF, saving an edited PDF, sharing it online, and printing a PDF. It can also be used to Convert a PDF into Microsoft Office Formats like DOCX, DOC, XLSX, XLS, PPTX, PPT, or to other common formats like PDF/A, RTF, TXT, HWP, HTML, EPUB, and to image formats such as JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG and TIFF.

The Optimize option in the application can be used for compressing the file size of your PDF, so it is easier to share online, or for printing, or office purposes. There are 3 DPI options to choose from, which reduces images by resampling the PDF to the corresponding selection: 150 dpi (web ready),300 dpi (office ready), 600 dpi (print ready).

The Home tab in Wondershare PDFelement can be used for selecting text content and images, panning through documents and for creating PDF documents from a file, or multiple files or even from your scanner. There is a zoom tool which you can use to read the PDF, and you can also use the auto-page fit, or auto-width fit, or full-screen mode to view the document in a comfortable view. There is a convert button on this tab, which can be used to convert the PDFs into the formats mentioned above, while preserving the original formatting in your Microsoft Office documents. The Find tool can be used for finding content, while the page tool allows you to jump to specific pages, without scrolling through each and every one.

The View tab also has a zoom tool, and fit tools like the home tab, but there are fit to page size, fit to page width or window or window height options too. You can also change the way pages appear, like for example, side by side, continuously, etc. You can use the capture option, to take a screenshot of a page or a selected area, or the bookmark tool to mark sections in a document.

The Comment tab is useful for adding annotations of various types to the PDF, and includes an underline, highlight, strikethrough tool, along with varuous line and shape tools. You can also use Wondershare PDFelement for adding sticky notes, lines or boxes of text, add stamps to your PDFs.

The Edit tab can be used for adding text or images to the PDF, and also lets you link to web URLs. There are some additional tools like the OCR (optical character recognition) which can extract text content from pictures. The crop tool lets you resize the PDF’s view-able area, while the watermark tool allows you to protect your PDF file with a watermark. You can add bates numbering, a header and footer, or change the background color of the document from this tab.

The Page tab cab be used for setting page boxes, extract pages, add new ones, split a page, or to replace a page. It also has options to add labels, delete pages or to rotate pages.

The Form tab is useful if your PDF has a form which recipients can fill up, like an application form. Wondershare PDFelement can also edit an existing PDF form and extract data from form fields. You can add text boxes, checknoxes, radio buttons, list boxes, combo boxes, and more to your forms. There is an option to add digital signatures, and options to import or export form data. You can use the PDF template library to quickly create forms.

The Protect tab in Wondershare PDFelement has options to redact sensitive content, and the option to add a password to protect your PDF. You can also sign documents, and validate signatures for digital authentication. Did we mention that the program has an excellent spell checker?

We have not seen so many features packed in to a PDF editor, and that combined with the user friendliness of the program is definitely a big plus. Download the trial version to see if it suits you, before getting the premium version.

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