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Wondershare TunesGo Coupon Code

Many people ask me how do I backup the contacts on my phone. I usually tell them that it is automatically done, when you sign in with your Google or Apple account, depending on whether it is an Android or iPhone.

But when they ask me, if the backups can be saved on their computers, and I tell them no, they ask me what to do. I recommend using a good software to do the job. WonderShare TunesGo is more than a match for your needs.

Let us tell you more about the features of WonderShare TunesGo.

The GUI of Wondershare TunesGo is delightfully pleasant, and very user friendly. There are a total of 8 tabs in the interface: Home, Music, Videos, Photos, Information, Apps, Explorer and Toolbox.

Wondershare TunesGo Coupon Code

The start screen of WonderShare TunesGo, will ask you to connect your phone to the computer, using a USB cable. Depending on the device you connect, you may be asked to enable USB debugging on the device, to allow the program to work with it.

The Music tab in TunesGo allows you to transfer your music to and from your device. This includes full support for iPhones, and you can transfer your media files without any restrictions in iTunes. While transferring files to your device, TunesGo will detect and fix music tags automatically. This saves you a lot if time, which you would have otherwise spent on manual efforts. O

f course, you can manually edit ID3 tags of your tracks and albums, to include album art, ratings, etc.

You can even transfer music from an entire playlist with a single-click of the mouse. If you have music which you purchased from different stores like iTunes, Google Play or Amazon, you can use TunesGo to share the music content on your device.

Another use for the music tab is the ability to create your own ringtones which you can use on any device. There is a built-n media converter which you can use to convert your music and videos, to a format which is compatible on Android or iOS.

If you have the same tracks in multiple folders, you can use the duplicate files cleaner, to remove duplicate copies of songs and in turn free up your storage space.

The Photos tab in TunesGo can be used for managing your photos, and albums. It allows you to tranfer photos without iTunes and for adding new photos from your cameras or computer to the phone, or for sharing photos between devices. You can create albums directly on your mobile devices, or preview full resolution photos. TunesGo can also be used for backing up your entire photo library.

You can delete multiple photos in batches, filter the photos, or to create animated GIFs from a set of still images, or using a part of a video, or from Live Photos/Motion Photos.

Managing contacts is a breeze thanks to TunesGo, which allows you to import contacts from iOS and Android, transfer contacts between either operating system, email the contatcs list, merge iCloud contatcs to other iOS devices and more. You can also use it to export CSV, vCard, Outlook, Gmail, iCloud,etc contacts from your phone to your computer, or import them from your computer to your Android device. The duplicate finder in this tab, allows you to find and merge duplicate contacts on your iOS or Android device, in to a single contact, or filter the contact information by using phone numbers, email addresses, etc. You can add contacts from your computer to your device, or edit existing contacts, or to delete unwanted contacts in batches.

The SMS tab in TunesGo can be used to view SMS messages on iOS or Android devices on your computer. You can export messages from iOS devices to your computer, including MMS, SMS, iMessages and message attachments. You can use TunesGo with your Android device, and backup and restore SMS messages to your computer. Using this you can restore the messages to your Android device, even in batches. TunesGo also grants you the ability ti send and recieve SMS text messages directly from your computer.

TunesGo’s Apps tab can be used for batch installing apps on iOS and Android devices. On iOS devices, you can do this without even having iTunes installed. And the best part is that it saves you time from downloading apps again, and also saves your data.

And likewise you can uninstall unwanted apps in batches using TunesGo. To do this on Android, you need to have a rooted device. iOS device users can backup the ipa apps to their computer, while Android users can save the APK files of their apps, to install apps without re-downloading them.

The File Explorer option in TunesGo, opens up the storage directories of your iOS or Android device, allowing you to manage content with ease. You can drag and drop media files, mark folders as hidden, or even explore system folders of the device, from your computer. You can bypass iOS’ limitations, and use your device as a flash drive, to store any content on the device, and this works on Android as well. You can create shortcuts for specific folders, to browse them quickly when you want to access them again.

Want to root your Android device without the hassle of command line interfaces or installing complex recoveries? You can do so with TunesGo, which allows you to root your phone or tablet with ease, which in turn allows you enable ad-blockers, uninstall bloatware apps preloaded by OEMS, or even install custom ROMs. The application supports thousands of Android devices, ans has a high rate of success for rooting devices with a one-click solution.

TunesGo is not only user friendly, but is packed with a ton of features, making it suitable for every Android and iOS device users.

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