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WPS Data Recovery Master Coupon Code

Accidentally deleted an important document or photo or video when you were deleting other files? It happens to all of us. The Shift and Delete option, which erases files permanently in Windows, is the reason for this. Instead of sending the files to the recycle bin, which happens when you use the regular delete option, the shift + delete command instantly makes the data go poof, instantly. To be honest, it does more harm than good. 

If only there was a way to undo this. Actually, you do and it is called WPS Data Recovery Master. This program from Kingsoft, does live up to its name, in that it can recover data much more comprehensively than other programs. 

WPS Data Recovery Master is not limited to recovering data from your computer’s hard drive, you can also use the program to recover files from your USB memory stick, memory cards, mobile phones and tablets. 

The interface of WPS Data Recovery Master has a modern design. 

As always, do not save the recovered files to the same hard drive. In fact, don’t use the drive at all, including for copying files, folders, partitions, etc. Why? Because any action that is done, could overwrite the cluster in which the deleted files which you want to recover, is stored. So, it is better to connect the disk to a different computer if possible, to have the best chance of recovering the data. 

The interface of WPS Data Recovery Master has a modern design.  Simply put, it is elegant and minimalistic without complex options. The first thing you need to do, is to select the location, which the program has to scan for deleted files. There are 6 buttons on the GUI of WPS Data Recovery Master, each of these have a different function, and have a large icon and a label name to make them easily identifiable. 

WPS Data Recovery Master Coupon Code

Universal Recovery: 

This option makes it useful to delete data from damaged, corrupted, unrecognized hard drives. One interesting point is that the program can even recover data, which was deleted by ransomware. That is truly incredible.  

The next step is to find the lost data, aka to scan the selected drive.  Clicking on the Universal Recovery option lists all of the hard drives on your PC, along with their partitions, and also any external storage devices and mobiles devices which you may have plugged in to the computer. 

The program uses the Deep Scan option, to search the entire drive for recoverable data. The time taken for the scan to complete depends on various factors, including the CPU power of your computer, the read and write speeds, and the storage capacity of your drive. 

The best thing about WPS Data Recovery Master, is that it can recognize partitions which were not detected by the OS, including RAW partitions and non-Windows partitions. So, you can basically recover any file, regardless of the cause of the data loss.  

Finally, you have to select the data which you want to recover, and choose a place to save the files. The recovery screen helps you do this, and the layout of this page is really amazing. The sidebar on the left edge, lists various file types such as ZIP archives, XML, PDF, DCO document formats, SWF, PNG, JPG, GIF images, MP4 videos, EXE, etc.  

All of these categories have their own folder, so you can click on the file type to see only the files of that format which were discovered by WPS Data Recovery Master. You can view a thumbnail preview of photos, directly within the application, before recovering them. That saves you a lot of time. 


This option is probably the one which you will use the most. You can use it to recover accidentally deleted files, like we explained before. This scan type is pretty fast, and can quickly find your files, from the directories which you select. This option does retain the folder stucture after recovering the data. 

You can preview most common file formats, from the results page. Speaking of which, the results screen doesn’t have folders, but has several drop-down menus which can be used to filter the results to display specific file types, or size, or date range. The search bar is handy, if you want to search for filenames. 


This option is best suited to recover data from a disk which has been formatted, unformatted drives, etc. 

USB Flash drive/Memory Card: 

This scan type allows you to scan for and recover data from USB flash drives, memory cards and mobile devices. Just connect a storage device, and select the same, and let the program scan it, and you can then select which files should be recovered. 

Empty Recycle Bin: 

This scan type in WPS Data Recovery Master, allows you to recover files which were deleted from the recycle bin. 

Partitions Loss: 

This is the most advanced scan option in the program, and can be used to recover lost files from damaged, corrupted, formatted partitions, etc. This option is useful, to recxover data from devices which are otherwise not even recognized by Windows. 

WPS Data Recovery Master is very user friendly, and you can easily scan your storage devices and save the deleted data, with just a few clicks of the mouse. You don’t have to be a tech expert to use this program. If you can’t find the data you are looking for in one of the other scan types, don’t worry. Just use the Universal Recovery, because the deep scanner in this mode, is really the most thorough one, and can almost certainly find your lost files. 

There is a free trial version of the program, which you can try before buying the full version. WPS Data Recovery Master is compatible with Windows 10, 8/8.1, 7 and XP. 

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