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WPS Office Business Coupon Code

Are you looking for a good Office software suite? Are the prices of popular standalone Office suites keeping you away from buying them? Don’t worry, we have a superb Office suite, which will fit your budget. Say hello to Kingsoft WPS Office Business. 

This software package has three applications in it and they are called WPS Presentation, WPS Spreadsheets, and WPS Writer. 

No prizes for guessing what these are the alternatives for, but we’ll tell you anyway. These are the PowerPoint, Excel and Word replacements, and yes, these applications can actually stand toe to toe, with the Microsoft Office products. 

WPS Writer: 

WPS Writer has an interface which is quite similar, to that of Microsoft Word. In fact, all three applications in WPS Office Business, do follow the same design patterns, with the ribbon interface, workspace, etc.  

This means, if you are coming from Microsoft Office, you will be right at home with WPS Office Business. So, there is no learning curve whatsoever, which makes it a user-friendly and familiar experience. 

WPS Writer can be used to view, edit and create DOC, DOCX, and other Word formats. You can use the application to customize the font style, size, add bulleted or numbered lists, adjust the alignment, paragraph settings, use the format painter etc. All of these options are available from the Home tab. There is a built-in spell check tool in all three applications in the suite, which helps you check your documents for spelling mistakes, and ensuring they are professional.  

But, WPS Writer is more than a simple word processor. It can also be used for rich document editing, including options to insert images, edit them, and also allows you to add charts, tables, take screenshots, customize the header and footer, add page numbers, watermarks, comments, envelops, text boxes, symbols, equation, date and time, hyperlinks, bookmarks, etc from the Insert tab. 

There is a tab bar in the interface of WPS Writer, which can be used to switch from one document to another, for true multi-tasking. WPS Writer supports Mail Merge, which can be used to share your documents with multiple contacts, quickly. 

One important feature of WPS Office Business, is that it supports Collaboration. The word should be familiar, for MS Office users, and works the same way in WPS Office too, which means you can use it with other users working on the same document in WPS Office or Microsoft Office to track changes and comments. This is exclusive to the Business Edition. 

WPS Writer comes with 230 fonts built-in, and hundreds of document templates to choose from, including many free and premium templates. WPS Writer supports DOC, DOCX, TXT, HTML, DOT, DOTX text document formats. You can also convert documents from one format to another using WPS Writer. There is a password protection option, which can be used to secure your documents. 

WPS Presentations: 

WPS Presentations can be used to view, edit, and create PPT and PPTX document formats. And just like Writer, Presentation packs a punch with a ton of features, most of which are common across all three applications. But there are several unique features including dozens of templates and slide styles. 

You can add any type of multimedia content to your Presentations, including pictures, audio, video, and flash files. There are a lot of WordArt text effects to choose from, and cool animations, slide transitions, etc. 

Presentation supports large displays such as TVs, Projectors, using the extended desktop, which makes it easy to use for your meetings. This mode also displays a preview of the next slide, so you can be prepared of what’s coming next. 

WPS Spreadsheets: 

Spreadsheets allows you to edit, create and view XLS, XLSX and CSV files. The interface and much of the features are similar to the other two applications, but there are several distinctive features.  

The table and cell tools support lot of different styles, and supports over a million rows and over 16,000 columns for the most complex tables. There are dozens of chart types including column, pie, line, bar, scatter, etc, all of which are highly customizable. 

WPS Office Business Coupon Code

There are hundreds of formulas in Spreadsheets, which you can add to your sheets with a click of the mouse. And you can use pivot tablets to analyze and summarize data. Speaking of which, the program does support what-if analysis functions for forecasting and finding solutions for data-driven problems. These are available using the Goal Seek and Solver options. Both of these Advanced Modelling functions, and Pivot Tables are exclusive to the Business Edition of WPS Office. 

All three of WPS Office applications in the Business Edtion, have a built-in save to PDF option, which can be very useful if you want to share the documents with other people.  

Apart from this, there is the Split and Merge PDF to Word tool. This application which is available as a standalone program, allows you to split large PDF documents into smaller files, and convert them to editable Word document formats. Likewise, you can also merge multiple PDF file, in to a single document, and convert that to DOC, DOCX, or RTF formats. 

The Suite has over 50 pre-set shortcut keys spread across Writer, Presentation and Spreadsheets, which means you can work really quickly which in turn means your productivity will be at its maximum.  

WPS Office Business Edition works on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP. The installer size of the software suite is just over 76MB, yes you read that right. WPS Office Business can be used on a single computer, and compared to the free version of the suite, does not have any ads. 

You can download the trial version of the Business Edition, and use it for 30 days for free, before buying the full program. You can then activate the program after purchasing the license, and continue using it. 

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