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WPS PDF to Word Coupon Code

One of the most common document formats used today, is the PDF. Adobe’s Portable Document Format, are usually used for eBooks, receipts, application forms and a lot of official document types. The most common reason why PDFs are used, is because this file format is not editable, at least not directly. 

People who wish to edit the PDFs usually try to copy the text content and paste it in a word processor, such as Microsoft Office Word. This usually doesn’t work out well. 

What you need is a proper document converter, which can create actual editable Doc or DOCX copies of your PDFs. And we think that Kingsoft’s WPS PDF to Word is an excellent choice for this purpose. 

The GUI of WPS PDF to Word is highly polished, with a superb design, which is easy on the eyes. The main screen of the program has a single option, to add a PDF file.  

WPS PDF to Word Coupon Code

To do this, you can either drag a PDF, from Windows File Explorer, on to the interface of WPS PDF to Word. Or click on the large rectangular box on the main screen, which opens a pop-up view of Windows File Explorer, allowing you to manually browse to the location of the PDF File, and add it. 

You are not limited to adding a single file, you can add multiple PDF documents at once. The next screen has 3 tabs: PDF to Word, PDF Split, and PDF Merge. You can always add more files for conversion, using the “Add a File” button on the top of the interface. 

The PDF to Word tab, is the primary feature of the program. This tab lists all the PDF files which you have added for conversion. The information displayed in this tab includes the name of the PDF file, the number of pages in the document, the page range, the status and the operation. 

The page range option allows you to select the starting page and the ending page, which have to be converted. To change the page range simply hover the mouse cursor over the option, and enter the page numbers. The Status tab has a progress bar to indicate the current level of conversion, and displays “Success”, when a document has been converted. The operation tab displays three icons, one which opens the converted file, one which opens the folder where the saved file is located, and an option to delete the listed item. 

By default, all the documents which you have added will be marked for conversion, but you can un-select any which you don’t want to be converted at the moment. 

You can use the drop-down menu on the bottom of the WPS PDF to Word GUI, to select the file format, in which the converted PDF document has to be saved in as. There are four formats you can save the document as: Native DOC, RTF (rich text format), MS Word Doc, and MS Word DocX. 

The default save location in the conversion screen, is set to save the converted document, in the same folder where the original PDF file is located. But you can change the folder where the documents should be saved, to a custom location. 

To begin the conversion process, you simply have to click on the Start button in WPS PDF to Word, and watch the magic. See how simple it was to convert a PDF in to an editable document? The conversion process is actually pretty fast too, it was over in seconds during our tests. 

The best part is that the converter preserves all of the original formatting from the PDF,  in the saved document, and includes the font styles, layout and even bullet lists and tables. 

The settings screen in WPS PDF to Word, allows you to customize the layout settings for the documents such as, to keep the spaces and tabs, or keep the textbox layout, and to keep text streams. You can also select to retain hidden text, include images, text, bookmarks, etc. The OCR (optical character recognition) in the program can be set to retain only text or only images, or include both. 

The PDF Split tab, in WPS PDF to Word Premium, has the same tab bar as the first, but the functions here are different. Basically, you can use this tab, to break up one large PDF file in to two or more PDFs. You can mark the page range of your PDF for splitting, to break a specific number of pages as one PDF file. Or, you can set points to break the PDF document using the same. 

And just like the converter, you can select the location of the folder where the split PDFs will be saved in to. When you have selected the page settings, click on the Split button, to break the document as per the defined options. 

The PDF Merge tab, is the exact opposite of the previous tab, because you can use the Merge tab, to put together two or more PDF files, in to a single document. You can set the file name, using which the PDF should be saved as, and the folder where it will be saved in. Hit the Merge button to start the process. 

You don’t need to be a computer expert to use the program, anyone can use it, without even needing to refer to the help documents. It is this user friendliness of the application, along with the efficiency with which it converts the PDFs, is what makes us rate WPS PDF to Word highly.  

You can try the free version of WPS PDF to Word, which can convert PDF files which have 5 pages or less. This should give you an idea of how well the program works. 

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