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Have a Server and finding it difficult to manage all the file transfers? You are not alone. Most people who have such servers face a similar problem, especially when they don’t have the right software to handle the process.

But, that is not the only issue. Even if you do find a program, it is usually not very user friendly, thanks to a clunky user interface or it will have very limited features. We recommend Ipswitch’s WS_FTP Professional for you, because we believe it excels at handling file transfers. So, what exactly qualifies it ask the world’s leading file transfer client?


Let’s find out. You can use this program to connect to as many servers as you want to, and it is not by any means restricted to the FTP protocol. It also supports FTP/SSL (auth-SSL), FTP/Implicit SSL, Local, HTTP, HTTPS, and SFTP/SSH protocols. You can also use the software to transfer files to and from your computer over a local network. This is useful for wireless transfer between devices, like say, your smartphones, PCs, laptops, etc.

First you will need to set up the program to connect to a source, to use the program. This can be a website’s server, or an FTP server which you use for storing files. The latter is most commonly used for transferring files to and from your server to your computer.

To begin with, give the connection a name, for e,g: My website or my server. Then select the location and click finish to connect to the site. The screen you now see (pictured above) is the main interface of WS_FTP Professional. It is simple yet elegant and looks a little similar to Windows File Explorer, which is a great convenience.

The interface is divided into 6 sections, a menubar, a toolbar, an address bar, a navigation pane, a folder and file view pane and an information window. Use the menubar to manage your connections and websites, including adding a new one, connecting to new ones.

You can use the view menu to enable and disble the information window, transfer buttons, and to switch to a single pane window. The tools menu is where you can manage synchronization, backup, search, scheduler settings, etc. The toolbar has options to switch to different connections, changing the view modes, performing local search and for backing up your files. The address bar allows you to quickly jump to a server or location of your choice, and a has a user id and password option to help authenticate the connection.

The left pane in the program is what you can use to navigate folders on the selected source ( for e.g.: a PC or a server). As we mentioned earlier this sis similar to File Explorer, but it has tabs for quickly jumping between a source and destination folders. When you make a selection on the left pane, you can double click on it to open it in the default prgoram which opens it (e.g.g txt in notepad, jpg in Paint, etc).

On the right pane, choose a remote connection or open a local connection, to send and receive files from. To transfer files between the two panes select a file or folder, and hit the appropriate arrow button, and it will transfer the file from the selected source to the destination.

The details regarding the file transfer, such as the source, status, progrss, transferred file’s path, size, and the rate at which it was transferred (network speed) is displayed in the Taransfer manager pane, in the information pane at the bottom of the screen. It also houses a transfer history and connection log tab which allows you to view which files were transferred, the connection information etc.

One of the things which worry uses regarding file transfers, is security. But that won’t be a problem with WS_FTP Professional, because it has superb security. You can use the client to encrypt your files using secure algorithms such as 256-bit AES, FIPS 140-2 and OpenPGP file encryption. You can also use it to authenticate or connect to your SSH servers, which require a username and authentication. And you don’t have to worry about your files being compromised and modified with either, as the software supports various file integrity algorithms including CRC32, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2, SHA-256, and SHA-512.

File transferring clients which we have used have had minor annoyances, when it comes to uploading or downloading files. You have to manually browse for the source or destination folder etc, and select the files and hit ok. Why bother with all these steps, when you can use WS_FTP Professional for drag and drop file transfers. It can’t get simpler than this, right?

Lets’ say you have a blog or a gallery on your server, just imagine how long it would take you to navigate through them to get the picture you want. Fortunately WS_FTP Professional lets you view, create, and resize thumbnails with ease, cutting down on your navigation time. Searching for files is very easy when you use WS_FTP Professional, as it supports Google, Copernic and Windows desktop search engines. You can use these to quickly narrow down the search by file type, size, and date.

WS_FTP Professional supports file and folder archiving, and allows you to schedule transfers which you do often (recurring). It can also perform post-transfer actions like deleting, moving, or renaming files. You can set up the software to send you an email notification, when it has completed a transfer successfully.

Likewise you can also backup your files to any destination like USB or DVD drives, or internet based locations such as network directories, server connections, FTP sites, or even internet hosting services. Synchronization options includes support for servers, drives and any device.

WS_FTP Professional is a quality application, which offers excellent file transfer capabilities, while providing secure protocols, and encryption.

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