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Building a website is no easy task. It needs time, resources, and above all else, a great deal of skill. The latter is quite a difficult requirement, as not everyone is a programmer. And of course, not everyone has the time to sit and learn a coding language, or at least the patience to complete a course.

But that should not deter you from creating a website. Should it? No, so what do you do, in this circumstance? Hire a web designer? Surely that is an option, but consider their premium fees. Every time you want to change the look of your website, you are going to have to pay them.

Xara Web Designer Premium Coupon Code

Why not use a software, which can be used for building a website, and changing its layout with ease? Doing so, will allow you to customize your website according to your needs, on the fly. That is exactly what Xara Web Designer Premium is for. Using this program, is so easy that you can create a website in just 6 steps.

Let’s tell you more about the features in the program. Xara Web Designer Premium has a brilliant interface which has a dark theme, and a couple of toolbars. It is user friendly thanks to the ribbon interface, which is quite similar to office suites, such as Microsoft Office.

The menu bar on top has 8 sections: File, Edit, Arrange, Insert, Utilities, Share, Window and Help. The file menu option is used for creating new websites and web-pages, as well as to open existing projects, saving templates. You can also use it to import an existing template, or a website directly from a URL. Similarly you can also export your website design which you created on Xara Web Designer Premium to a JPEG, PNG format or even import an existing website, directly from its URL. No other web designing software can do this, as good as Xara does.

Not only that, it has a built in previewer which you can use to preview your web-page or website, directly from Xara Web Designer Premium’s interface. So you don’t have to publish a website, and then make changes to it, and update it. Make your website ready for the internet, and then publish it online.

Yes you can publish your website using Xara Web Designer Premium too, and should you want to export the website to your computer, you can do that in HTML, and other popular formats, including Xara’s own XAR, WEV, WIX formats. The File menu also houses options for viewing the document info, page options such as the layout, effects and plugins, automatic backup options, customize the mouse functions, thr grid and ruler settings, and the general functions of Xara Web Designer Premium. Last but not the least, you can use the file menu for printing the page you have designed.

The Edit menu has your basic editing functions such as copy, paste, cut, find and replace, etc along with options for duplicating, cloning, and also to create new blank pages. Similarly the arrange options can be used for managing layers, photogroups, clipview, etc.

For inserting objects like images, shapes, text boxes, symbols, charts, etx, you can use the insert menu. The Utilities menu can be used for managing the galleries, web properties, web animations, to optimize photos, capturing screen shots, and for spell-checking too.

The Share menu can be used for signing into Xara and third party hosting servicesm as wekk as for uploading content to Flickr, Facebook, or to send collections, videos and slideshows to other software from MAGIX, which you have on the computer.

The Window menu can be used for toggling the various elements in the GUI of Xara Web Designer Premium, such as the rulers, scrollbars, grid, and the various display elements like the pages ize, guides. Etc.

The toolbar below the menu bar has quick shortcuts for the basic and advanced editing options in the software. The sidebar on the left edge of the program can be used for editing the webpage and all of its elements, which are displayed in the large central window, in the program. Thge right sidebar can be used for navigating between the layers in a page.

To create a new website from Xara Web Designer Premium, you simply have to pick the New from Content Catalog option, and select an option from the left sidebar. This can be used for browsing through a directory of royalty free. pictures to select from Pixabay, view example websites, etc. For creating a website, click on the option named “Websites”, and then on Website Themes, using which you can create a template.

A couple of themes are free, but the vast majority are premium, and for good reason, they are very professionally designed. You can create several kinds of websites, from single page sites, or business or presentation themes. Adding social widgets for services like Twitter, Facebook. YouTube, from the sidebar as well.

Xara Web Designer Premium Coupon Code

Want to create pages which look like presentation slides. You can do that too. Adding objects like buttons, charts, arrows, multimedia components like audio, video can also be down from this catalog with ease. Hit F5 or Shift + F5 to preview the website or web page you are creating, and a pop-up window using Internet Explorer will display the current design of the selected option, so you can view the changes before publishing the site.

Xara Web Designer Premium is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit computers. You can use the software to create websites with responsive designs, which scale up to fit the display of the device you are using be it an Android or iOS smartphone, laptop, tablet or a computer. And it also lets you preview the Responsive design for mobile pages of your site as well.

The fact that it is not just a web authoring tool, but a feature rich website editor, makes it a must have for creating and maintaining your website.

Buy Xara Web Designer Premium for the most affordable price ever today. Start your blog, or online store easily, without the need for coding knowledge.