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While the name “Zemana AntiLogger” sounds like an application that blocks keyloggers, it in fact does a whole lot more than that. By bundling in a host of antimalware features, Zemana AntiLogger provides unprecedented protection against all forms of malicious attacks, be it spyware, adware, rootkits, and most importantly, ransomware. With secure SSL encryption, keystroke log prevention, and system intrusion protection to block attempts at financial information theft, combined with advanced security features such as cloud scanning as a means against zero-day threats, allow for comprehensive security for your entire computer. Support for Android mobile devices is another benefit that you receive when obtaining a Zemana AntiLogger license.

Super-Intuitive User Interface

Zemana AntiLogger’s crisp and clear user interface cuts through all the clutter that’s so prominent in other anti-malware applications. Available features are separated neatly into tabs denoted by icons –Home, Settings, Quarantine, and Reports. The Home tab presents summarized information about the status of your computer — System Status, Last Update Check, Last Scan, etc. — while also giving you the ability to initiate disk scans.

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Under the Settings tab, you can find various configuration settings that you can use to determine how Zemana AntiLogger functions — ID Theft Protection, Real Time Protection, Exclusions, etc. The Quarantine tab, on the other hand, presents any malicious items that were quarantined, while the Reports tab lets you view all previous scanning sessions in detailed format.

Real-Time Protective Shield

Upon installation, Zemana AntiLogger instantly starts protecting your computer in real-time by deploying multiple live shields. Malicious executables are instantly blocked from taking control over your computer, which are then instantly deleted or quarantined. Advanced heuristics also continuously monitor vulnerable areas in the operating system for abnormal behavior, making it the best form of defense against rootkits and bootkits that camouflage themselves as normal processes.

Manually Scanning for Malware

While Zemana AntiLogger has an excellent detection rate with it live shields and advanced heuristics engine, malicious items can still slip through and reside in the deep recesses of your hard drive and operating system. To combat this issue, you can conduct manual scans of your computer whenever you want — unlike other antimalware applications, Zemana AntiLogger only features a single mode, but it’s considerably faster than any quick or full scan modes thanks to the intelligent use of file indexing.

Scheduling Disk Scans

Having a manual scan mode is an excellent means to combat hidden malicious items, but if you forget to regularly perform a full clean up procedure of your computer, you can choose to instead let Zemana AntiLogger do that job for you. By using an integrated task scheduler, you can specify the application whether you want your computer scanned automatically either once, or multiple times — you can configure disk scans to occur either hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.

Zero-Day Threat Protection

Getting yourself an antimalware scanner with comprehensive zero-day threat protection isn’t anything trivial, and fortunately, Zemana AntiLogger gives you the ability to do just that. In addition to using heuristics to detect abnormal behavior, the antimalware scanner also deploys a module dubbed “Pandora Cloud-Sandbox Technology” that isolates detected items and cross-checks them with a cloud-based database updated with the latest zero-day threats from millions of Zemana AntiLogger users.

ID Theft Protection

Zemana AntiLogger’s ID protection features are quite unprecedented. For example, by actively transmitting online fillable forms — store checkout pages, application forms, login portals, etc. — via secure socket layer connections, any sensitive financial information or identity details are encrypted so as to prevent hackers from hijacking them. In addition, Zemana AntiLogger also lets you camouflage keystrokes performed to prevent spyware apps from acquiring confidential information.

Unprecedented Ransomware Protection

Due to the rising trend of ransomware, antivirus scanners should have the upper hand on malicious applications at all times. Thanks to the live shields, heuristics engine, and Pandora Cloud-Server Technology, you are protected against potential data encryption scenarios due to ransomware. MRG Effitas, one of the most reputable IT research firms, has labeled Zemana AntiLogger as the best ransomware protection utility through independent tests run by their digital security labs.

Android Device Support

For each Zemana AntiLogger license, you gain access to Pandora Mobile Antivirus, which allows you to keep any Android device that you own secure from malicious apps. In addition to giving you access to two separate scanning modes — Fast Scan and Full Scan — that allow for complete security against malicious code, the app also presents live protection similar to those found in its desktop counterpart — simply put, you are protected against all forms of spyware, adware, and ransomware.

Should I Buy It?

For anyone concerned about the safety of sensitive information, absolutely. By using some of the best identity protection tools in business — SSL encryption, keylogger detection, ransomware protection, etc. — you no longer have to worry about working with credit card details, bank account information, and email account passwords ever again. That isn’t all; by featuring every single security feature included in Zemana’s alternate PC security application — Zemana AntiMalware — Zemana AntiLogger is both an identify protection utility and an antimalware scanner in one single package. With comprehensive protection against all forms of malicious items, including technology that deals with zero-day threats, you are protected around-the-clock thanks to Zemana AntiLogger.