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The digital world we live in today, relies on something very important for every task. It is called data. Without it no business can function, even for an hour. Unfortunately, data is not easily protected. It is very vulnerable to viruses, hackers, and more.

That’s not all of the problems though. Hardware failures can occur, and so can software issues. Your operating system may fail to boot, or your server or hard drive can fail, and so on. When such an attack happens, you are literally losing not just data, but also your credibility and the trust of clients, which translates to business.

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Now, that’s something you cannot allow to happen. The obvious solution here, which is kind of like the elephant in the room, is to ensure you have another copy of your data, to fall back to, in case of an untoward incident. In other words, you need a back up of your data, which is a lifesaver, when a hazard strikes.

But instead of relying on external drives for back ups, you should consider better, more modern alternative, a cloud storage service. And the one we prefer, is Zoolz Business Terabyte.

Why do we recommend it? Let’s tell you why.

When you compare it with normal cloud storage services, Zoolz has a very special feature, which the others don’t provide. It’s called Cold Storage. What does that mean? It’s like food you put in the freezer, for later use. You can store files away, those which are not important at the time, i.e., the files you don’t need to access often, but still need to be saved securely, for future use. This is a cheaper option available in Zoolz’s service.

So, I can’t access files immediately then? Of course, you can download files whenever you want, if they are stored on the second layer, called Instant Storage ala Hot storage. This is more like your traditional cloud storage service.

In addition to this, there is one more backup layer, which stores backups on your local storage or network devices, when you run a backup task. This is done through a setting called Hybrid+, and saves the local copy of your data, at the same time the online back up task is run. The three layer backup process employed by Zoolz Business Terabyte, is called Tribrid backup.

What servers does Zoolz uses for storing files? The Instant Storage servers are based Amazon S3, while the Cold storage servers are based on Amazon Glacier. These servers are encrypted with 256-AES encryption, and actually the files which you upload are also encrypted before they leave your computer.

Zoolz is a cross platform service, and hence can be used on multiple devices which run on different operating systems such as Windows or Mac OS X. This also applies to mobile apps on your Android and iOS, which can also be used for accessing your backups remotely.

There is one more remote feature, which is the web interface of Zoolz Cloud backup. What it means, is that you can use it from a web browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. You can drag and drop files and upload them directly, or even create new folders, or search or sharing files.

Speaking of uploads, you don’t have to worry about file restrictions with Zoolz, you can upload any file type you want like programs which your team uses, or office files and documents, to name a few. And there are no network bandwidth restrictions either, so no slow uploads or downloads. You don’t have to worry about duplicate files eating your space, because Zoolz analyzes files before the upload process, and prevents duplicates to save bandwidth, storage and also to speed up the backup process.

Zoolz constantly monitors files for changes, and backs them up to the cloud at regular schedules, which you have set up. You are not limited to uploading files. You can back up your computers, Windows Servers, too and even external or network storage drives too.

Now, this can’t be an easy task, if you have loads of data. Don’t worry about it, because Zoolz has a really cool solution for this. You can store the data on an external hard drive, and send it to Zoolz, and the company will backup the data to the cloud, wipe the disk, and ship the drive back to you.

Zoolz has a superb UI with a nice light theme and colorful icons and tiles. You can use the program for uploading files, managing your cloud account and the folders,and more. The Smart Selection screen has a lot of common folders to backup, but you also have the option to choose custom files and folders, in the next tab, which is “My Computer”.

The File Filters and Auto Exclude options, can be used for selecting which files and folders that you want to be included or excluded from the backup process. You can also customize it to exclude specific file formats, files beyond a set file size, or even files which are older than a specific date, from being uploaded. The storage bar on every of Zoolz’s GUI, displays the total storage available, and the remaining space, after your current usage.

The back up settings screen in the Zoolz deskop application, available after the very first backup, houses a backup task scheduler, allowing you to set up the task to run at a time and date of your choosing. The bandwidth throttler, lets you set a limit the upload bandwidth speed used by the program, to prevent slowdowns in your network for other programs.

Zoolz Business Terabyte is available in a lot of affordable plans: 1TB, 2TB, 5TB, 10TB and 500TB. All of these offer support for Unlimited Users & Servers.

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